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Afterglow Configuration App coming to Xbox One

Performance Designed Products LLC (PDP) have announced today that the Afterglow Configuration App is coming to the Xbox One on May 3rd. Designed for use with the Afterglow Prismatic Controller, the app will give users customisation and support and what’s more it’s free.

Once you download the Afterglow Configuration App gamers will have a whole host of options open to them. You’ll be able to set the Prismatic lighting on the controller, adjust vibration and rumble strength and make firmware updates. You will also have the option to map up to 6 actions through the Dual Multi-Function wheels. After setting up your perfect configuration you will then be able to save multiple profiles to the cloud, accessible via you Xbox Live gamertag.

In a recent interview Bob Picunko, Senior Vice President of Marketing at PDP said “PDP is excited to allow gamers the ability to configure and customize their controller through the Xbox One console. The Afterglow App is a significant innovation for gamers of all skills and abilities.”

So keep an eye on the app store early next week. In the meantime if you want to find out more about PDP products then check out their official site here.

Harmonix parts with Mad Catz for Rock Band 4


Harmonix have finally bit the bullet and parted company with their financially stricken hardware partners, Mad Catz. The pair had recently launched the new wave of the Rock Band franchise, Rock Band 4, but were beset with reported harware stock shortages at launch.

Announced yesterday, Harmonix have signed a new hardware partnership agreement with accessory maker, Performance Design Products, or PDP for short. PDP will develop and produce hardware for all future Rock Band 4 releases, including a major feature update coming to the title this autumn.

Harmonix CEO, Steve Janiak;

As we look to fully achieve our goal of creating this console generation’s category-defining music gaming platform, we need to partner with a truly world-class manufacturer that can operate at the scale Rock Band requires. PDP has a well-deserved reputation for innovation, customer satisfaction and quality. They have the logistical and technical expertise to support Harmonix’s ambitious plans for the future of Rock Band, with new hardware alongside a major Rock Band 4 feature update coming this Fall.


Rock Band 4 has already released five free title updates, and I’m hoping, nay expecting, that more gaming accessories for the title will become available to those of us still relying on their 360 controllers for plastic guitar-strumming fun.