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Pinball FX2: Iron and Steel Pack

Zen studios have been creating incredible digital pinball tables for a number of years now, but recent tables have focused on licensed properties, bringing, for example, Marvel and Walking Dead tables to the ever-growing catalogue. The Iron and Steel packs sees the developer return to original tables, as with the Wild West scenario table, and their own property, CastleStorm. What’s more, they’re both terrific, delivering precisely the kind quality we’d expect from these pinball masters.

Iron and Steel Wild West

Both the Wild West and CastleStorm tables expertly walk the line of complexity and accessibility, providing busy and nuanced tables full of options to fling your ball into, without completely overwhelming you with visual flair. That’s not to say there isn’t a heavy sprinkling of visual activity, both tables are beautiful and engaging on an aesthetic level. CastleStorm sees a large dragon perched on the top, blowing fire, and flying around, meanwhile, spinning revolvers on the bumpers of the Wild West table along with a saloon that the ball smashes through the window of, shows both tables’ flair for the theatrical. It’s wonderful to see these digital tables pull of tricks their real-life counter parts could never do.

Iron and Steel CastleStorm

The Wild West table has a more symmetrical layout than that of Castlestorm, with tight middle lanes that take some skill to reach, but overall sits nicely in the middle when it comes to challenge compared to Pinball FX2’s collection of tables. CastleStorm’s challenge is similar, despite the asymmetry; it also features a mini-playfield that’s easy to reach but difficult to stay in.

The Iron and Steel pack features two stunning and compelling tables that are just as fun to play as any of the licensed tables Zen Studios have crafted. They don’t quite impress on the same level as some of their best Marvel tables, Guardians of the Galaxy in particular, but a return to original properties is refreshing.

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Pinbal FX2 – Venom table review

I remember when I was younger spending time at the pub with the family, we get roast potatoes and something to drink and if we were really good we get to play on the pinball machine, which was even better when we found the special button to give us as many free goes as possible.

Being able to play Pinball on my Xbox all these years later is almost as good as having the real thing, and to be fair about as close as I’ll get to actually owning one! I’ve played all sorts of pinball games but Pinball FX2 has had me constantly going back to play again and again. The huge amount of tables on offer means there is something for everyone.

The latest table to be released is a an enemy of that Spider-Man, Venom. As you may or may not know, Venom originally started out as bonding with Spider-Man before he realises how evil it is and separates himself. Venom eventually becomes one of Spidey’s archenemies, and is considered one of the greatest threats to humanity.

The Venom Pinball FX2 table is pretty good, although I found it much more challenging than any of the other tables I have played. Firstly it feels much smaller than any table, it’s possibly down to the fact the table has two sections, the lowest part doesn’t give you much room for manoeuvre, but as you become accustomed to the table you’ll find yourself hitting the shots that will get you to the upper section.

Venom is located in the upper section and that’s where most of the missions take place. At some point you’ll hit enough of the required lanes to release Carnage, a that point Spiderman and Venom will work together to hold him off. Of course most of the time you are trying to help disrupt Venom by using the upper flippers to create multipliers, ringing the bell tower and creating fires.

Back on the lower sections of you manage to break the locks on Spidey’s black suit you’ll start a multiball section, how long will you last? There is a lock button down there too but I found it pretty hard to hit.

The table looks great and I enjoyed the voice acting of the characters, if you are a big Spiderman fan then this table is really worth checking out, it will take a lot of practice to master but once you do it will be worth it!

Thanks to Zen Studios for supplying TiX with a download code

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Pinball FX2 on Xbox One Will Have Free Xbox 360 Table Transfers

pinball fx 2

Zen Studio’s have issued the following press release today:

Microsoft and Zen Studios have taken your feedback to heart, and seeing that many of you were very upset with the news that table transfers between Xbox 360 and Xbox One would not be happening, we have some good news for you! We will be able to implement table transfers on Xbox One starting from Pinball FX2’s launch. Any available table on Xbox One that was previously purchased for Xbox 360 can be imported to the new version free of charge.

However, as this process will take a bit more development time for the game, Pinball FX2 version of Xbox One will see a slight delay from its original release date this week to next month. We apologize to any fans affected by this delay, but we pledge to make it up to you by incorporating this highly desired feature.

Once again, we cannot thank you enough for your support through this process, as well as Microsoft’s, who took your feedback very seriously and worked with us to implement this feature. And again, we do apologize for the delay while we create the Pinball FX2 experience that our fans both want and deserve. We’re excited to bring Pinball FX2 to Xbox One owners, to have their previous purchases honored and transferred, and we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got coming in the future.

Pinball FX2 – Free on Xbox One from July 31

pinball 3

Zen Studios, has announced today that Pinball FX2 will make its debut on the Xbox One via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program on July 31st this year. With only a few weeks to wait, Pinball FX2 will arrive as a free download on Xbox One with nearly the entire Pinball FX2 library available on day one, including all Star Wars Pinball table packs, all Marvel Pinball tables, Plants vs. Zombies Pinball, and Zen’s original tables available for purchase, with future tables, including The Walking Dead Pinball, just on the horizon.

Pinball FX2 brings all the pinball action for which the franchise is known into the next-generation with 1080p graphics at 60 frames per second, worldwide tournaments, new achievements, and a slick new menu interface. Additionally, downloading Pinball FX2 on Xbox One nets you the Sorcerer’s Lair table for free.

“With the release of Pinball FX2 on Xbox One, we have closed the loop and can now offer our fans a complete virtual pinball experience, regardless of their system preference,” said Mel Kirk, VP of Publishing at Zen Studios. “We’ve got a lot of great things planned for the newest generation of consoles when it comes to pinball, so stay tuned for some awesome new stuff from Zen Studios.”

Prices for tables range between $2.49 and $2.99 for single tables, and $9.99 for table packs, available from the Xbox Games Store.