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Playlogic apologise for breaking Happy Wars


You remember Happy Wars, right? The Xbox 360 title that allows you to roam around and hack your friends to bits? Well, there’s going to be an Xbox One version and Playlogic accidentally released it to some regions yesterday.

It’s been removed from the marketplace now but the problem that this has caused is that anyone who downloaded it, played it and subsequently wants to go back to the 360 version, can’t. One of the things that Playlogic haven’t mastered yet would appear to be cross-platform game saves.

Playlogic have released an apology via the Happy Wars Facebook page here.

In short, this apology explains the issue and how they will rectify it, when the next 360 title update for the game is released.

The developer has a few weeks to rectify any lingering issues they have with the Xbox One version, the rumoured release date is the 24th of April, although, whether they stick to this, is yet to be seen.