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Xbox One outsells Playstation 4

Whoa! Whoa! there now hang on, before you start let me make one thing perfectly clear, there is no place for fanboys here. All of us at TiX play games on other formats as well as Xbox, that’s because we are gamers and that is all. That being said we all love our Xboxes and […]

Five Million Xbox One Consoles Sold Around The Globe

Sony has recently announced that the total sales of Playstation 4’s around the globe is a staggering and impressive 7 Million Units globally. Microsoft has come forward and announced that they have sold more than 5 Million Units around the globe – this puts the Playstation 4 at a 2 Million lead! Whilst both consoles […]

Playstation 4 Will Launch Globally This Year – Panic Over

A senior official at GameStop confirmed to MVC recently that Sony (our favourite console maker) intends on releasing the Playstaion 4 console globally in 2013 – gearing our excited asses up for a full on worldwide launch this year. No one will miss out. The statement calms fears that the console will arrive in Europe […]

Yu Suzuki Talks Shenmue III Strategy Planning with Industry Consultant Mark Cerny

Meggan Scavio, who is currently the GM for GDC Events at UBM TechWeb and has in the past also been Director at Game Developers Conference and Director of Operations at CMP Media, posted a great picture recently on twitter confirming that the gaming legend Yu Suzuki has talked Shenmue III strategy with Mark Cerny. Mark […]