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Xbox One – Breaking News – Xbox One Price Drop and Titanfall Bundle Announced



In Breaking news Xbox UK have just announced that the Xbox One Console will be price dropped to £399 from February 28th under the promotion ‘Jump Ahead’.

Not only that, but a Titanfall bundle of the Xbox One and digital copy of Titanfall will available to pre-order for Titanfall’s release for £399.

This will come as good news for those who have held out on picking up an Xbox One until Titanfall and price drop but so soon after launch has already been seen on social media as very harsh to those who bought an Xbox One on launch and just after.

Skulls of the Shogun XBLA Price Reduction


Developers 17-BIT has announced that their first entry into the Xbox LIVE Arcade with Skulls of the Shogun has now received a price reduction since it was first launched end of January 2013. You can now grab the game we rated 7/10 for just 800 MS Points.

Taken from our Skulls of the Shogun Review:

Overall, Skulls of the Shogun is a game that shows huge promise. The game is very easily accessible, the menus are completely fuss-free, you could play the game by yourself and with friends over and over again, there are plenty of multiplayer options for you and others to enjoy across a range of devices. Lest we forget, it’s damn funny, eye-catchingly pretty, and just an all-out good strategy game.

17-BIT look to be an up and coming studio. This game will do nothing but increase their reputation.

You can also check out the release trailer below: