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Prison Architect preview program review

Don’t let the aesthetics fool you, Prison Architect may look jolly and light hearted but there’s some dark storytelling and concepts explored here. It’s a bit tonally inconsistent but certainly proves to be a fun and fascinating management game.

In Prison Architect you, unsurprisingly, build and manage prisons. This involves building cells, offices, power rooms, showers, execution chambers and every other structure within the prison; as well as ensuring the facility is powered, has running water, and that each room is equipped and furnished. This is alongside managing your budget, researching and implementing programs to help rehabilitate and care for your inmates, hiring guards, quelling riots, searching cells and plenty more. It’s a comprehensive management game that covers every aspect of running a prison.

This can be overwhelming, and if you jump straight into the sandbox mode you’ll struggle to make progress. However, jump in to Prison Stories and you’ll be eased in with a set of narrative driven tutorials that teach you how to build and run a prison. These tutorials follow a connected story told over multiple parts and quickly introduce you to the darker side of this management title, exploring prisons in a surprisingly in-depth way.

Prison Architect 1

Prison Architect often throws its darker side to the forefront, with each inmate possessing a unique rap sheet and set of requirements that would best suit them during their incarceration. And with riots, prison violence, and death row inmates, you’re often put in the position of executing prisoners, placing them in solitary, turning out their cells, and even authorising lethal force to maintain control. Additionally, as your prison grows and the budget tightens, you’re forced to make decisions on how to manage what you offer your inmates; making decisions on what, if any, programs you support to help rehabilitate and care for them. It’s an involved management title that interestingly explores how easy it is for a person to become a number.

In addition to Prison Stories and the sandbox mode, you can also jump in and manage pre-built prisons, if you don’t fancy building one from scratch. Currently ten pre-built prisons are available to manage, but the World of Wardens mode is due to be updated in the near future with the ability to submit prisons of your own creation as well as play those built by other players.

Prison Architect 2

With the tutorial under your belt, running, building and upgrading prisons becomes fairly intuitive and engaging; there’s always something to aim for and do and the prisoners are intractable enough to encourage your vigilance in keeping on top of things. However, there are a few bugs present that can break your immersion, such as audio cutting out and workers getting stuck and being unable to complete construction. Of course this is still in the Preview Program, so the odd bug is to be expected.

Indeed Prison Architect is a fun and engrossing management title, one that explores the concept of prison life in a deeper way than you may expect. The tone feels a little ‘off’ due to the cartoon aesthetic but despite the darker side there’s still a great deal of fun to be had managing the many aspects of a prison. I can’t wait to see the full release this spring.

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Join Greg Giddens and Steve Peacock for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 24 A Little Nostalgic. In this episode the duo discuss the recent news about a unified windows experience across console and PC, as well as the games Prison Architect, Dungeon of the Endless, GTA 5 and Fable Legends (before the recent news about its cancellation), amongst the usual silly banter you’d expect.


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Prison Architect joins the Game Preview Program

Prison Architect joined the Xbox Game Preview today.

The Game Preview will host almost all aspects of the final game, including the Prison Warden Mode, which allows players to jump in and take control of one of several pre-built prisons right away to get into the action faster. Also new to the console editions that will be featured in Xbox Game Preview at the first update is the World of Wardens, a feature that grants you the ability to share your prisons online and try your hand at governing prisons that others have uploaded. Additionally, Double Eleven have put their own touch on each of these editions, creating a unique Prison Architect experience for each platform.

Additionally, Double Eleven have opened submissions for the “General Repopulation” competition, which runs from March 2-16th and invites everyone to submit their own prisoner into the game. Selections will be announced on March 17th, and full details can be found here

Do some time with Prison Architect


Ah, porridge. Time spent doing ‘bird’. The lags that are incarcerated in the prisons nowadays have more perks than you can shake a policeman’s truncheon at. The chances are that they’ll get the opportunity to play the freshly announced Prison Architect on their shiny Xbox One, just before lights out.

Prison Architect does exactly what it says on the tin. Design and create your own denizen of inmates. Keep them happy. Keep them entertained. Feed them, exercise them. Stop them from wrecking the joint. Manage your own maximum security prison and try not to let any of them escape to become soldiers of fortune.

Initially released on PC last October, the Xbox One and 360 edition of Prison Architect will feature a unique Prison Warden Mode. This drops you into a pre-built prison to get yourself stuck into the rioting oiks as soon as possible. You can also share your prisons online with the console edition’s unique World of Wardens.

Cope with blazing infernos, riots, demolition and construction. Make it through all of that unscathed and the local mayor will give you free-reign to design the lock-up of your dreams.

When can you get your hands on the keys? Well, the doors will be opening in the Spring of this year, and if you’re lucky, you might not get out for a very, very long time, sonny.