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Microsoft and Team Dakota extinguish Project Spark

Some of you may have already noticed but you can no longer download Project Spark from the Xbox or Windows store and this is because after much consideration Microsoft and Team Dakota have decided to discontinue support for the game.

Starting last Friday, Project Spark disappeared from the Market Place and for all existing users the online service will discontinue after the 12th August, but what does this mean? Without an online service, players will no longer be able to download user content or upload any of their own. If you want to use user-generated content once the service is turned off then you need to download it before the 12th August. Also if your own creations have not been saved locally you will need to download them to your console or PC.

For those of you who purchased the Project Spark Starter Kit before it transitioned to its free to play state last fall or redeemed the code inside a retail box between Oct 5 2015 to May 13th 2016 then never fear. Microsoft will be crediting your account and this in turn can be exchanged in the Xbox Or Windows store to buy content. I know for a fact that some of these credits have gone out already so keep your eyes peeled. For more information on if you are eligible and how to receive the credit can be found here.

Project Spark COmmunity

On the official Project Spark site Community Manager Thomas Gratz posted “This was an extremely difficult decision for our team that we do not take lightly. When “Project Spark” transitioned away from active development last fall, many of our team members moved to other projects within Microsoft Studios. While this means there have been no layoffs at Microsoft, it also means it’s simply no longer feasible to continue the behind-the-scenes work involved with keeping Project Spark up and running with meaningful updates and bug fixes, so we have come to this hard decision.”

So there you have it, after 46 content packs, thousands of assets and 16 updates since launch and not including the hundreds of thousands of creations and experiences that have been created by its community, the community spark finally gets extinguished.

For further information around the discontinued support of the game check out the official site here. Also why don’t you drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts?

Project Spark ends it’s free-to-play model

Project Spark will abandon its free-to-play model from 5th October.

User will no longer need to buy items in the game, all items will be made free. No further paid-for content will be released either.

Any purchases made since 28th July will automatically be refunded. Any purchases made before that date will not.

Microsoft explained:

Unfortunately, we can only honor refund for purchases made since July 28, 2015. If you spent money before that date, know that you helped support something that will continue to live for your enjoyment and that of many new audiences. We appreciate the investments of everyone in our community.

Any remaining in-game credit will be converted into funds for your Microsoft account balance.
Physical copies of the game will also be refunded, as Microsoft will detect the redemption of your product key from the box.

Other changes to the game include a boost in the maximum terrain limit and maximum prop limit plus a final dump of 200+ new assets including a dragon, goblin warlord, bog biome and a set of new primitive building blocks.

Conker’s Big Reunion is hitting Project Spark on April 23

Episode 1 of Conker’s Big Reunion will be available in Project Spark from April 23.

You can play through the episode for 500 in-game tokens or for 1,000 tokens, purchase the additional assets to able to design and share your own Conker stories.

I don’t know what is in store for Conker beyond Project Spark (and Conker’s inclusion here is not limiting other plans for this irreverent squirrel), but I’m hoping that Conker’s Big Reunion is going to set the bar for how to build a great Conker game. It’s amazing how many parodies, mechanics and gags we’ve been able to pack into this first episode. And with Rare and Chris Seavor’s guidance and support, I really believe the Conker fans are going to be satisfied with what we’ve built.

Brad Rebh, Team Dakota Design Director

Project Spark Beta Reaches Xbox One


Project Spark Beta was previously released on Windows 8.1 devices last December 2013 which soon caught the interest of more than 250,000 fans who took advantage of the game’s revolutionary tool-set to create custom adventures and unique worlds from scratch! With the Beta now available on Xbox One today, Xbox One owners can join a dynamic development community of designers to create, explore and play within their own world, or jump into other community-creations to modify and collaborate on a game for endless possibilities. With cross-platform capabilities and through the power of Cloud Saving, Project Spark creators can build on a Windows 8.1 device, and then pick-up a controller to continue playing on Xbox One or vice versa.

The Beta Program enables creators to use “Project Spark’s” developer-grade toolset on both Windows 8.1 and Xbox One platforms, available until the product launches later this year. Explore the infinite possibilities of “Project Spark” and help Team Dakota take the digital canvas experience to the next level.

CREATE. Enjoy special access to the ultimate interactive digital playground for fans and creators. Use the power of your own creativity, storytelling and personality to build unique and instantly playable levels, games and worlds.

PLAY. Experience hundreds of never-before-played games, give feedback and comments on gameplay, and even remix other user’s games with a personal twist.

SHARE. Creations can be shared with Team Dakota and other Beta participants within the community. Share your creations with others around the world and be among the first to leave your mark on this groundbreaking digital canvas.

To join the “Project Spark” Beta, visit https://joinprojectspark.com/ to sign up today. Users with access to the Windows 8.1 Beta Program will also receive access to the Xbox One Beta Program.

Project Spark Beta on Xbox One Next Week?


Not exactly concrete proof, but incidentally it may be the only proof we need that Project Spark will enter a Beta phase on the Xbox One from as early as (drum roll) next week! Responding to eager gamers on Twitter, Phil Spencer outed that it was due next week, however the exact date was not confirmed by the official Project Spark Twitter account, but was later confirmed as “Close though” from a dev on Team Dakota, the developers of Project Spark. Have you got the gist of all that twitter trailing?

Here are the trail of tweets in question:

Project Spark is the really creative looking, upcoming free-to-play game from Team Dakota, that will not require an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription! The game where you get to creatively make your own interactive environments will be free for everyone on Xbox LIVE!

If the Project Spark Xbox One Beta is out next week after all, we’ll keep you posted!

Thanks: TotalXbox

Project Spark Beta Video


Project Spark, the really creative looking, upcoming free-to-play game from Team Dakota, will not require an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription on release – it will be free for everyone on Xbox LIVE! Now if you can remember the E3 2013 briefing, this seemed to be Microsofts answer to rival the Playstations Little Big Planet franchise.

Check out the latest trailer above.

Project Spark is True Free-to-Play No Gold Subscription Required

project spark logo

Project Spark, the really creative looking, upcoming free-to-play game from Team Dakota, will not require an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription it seems on release – it will be free for everyone on Xbox LIVE! Now if you can remember the E3 2013 briefing, this seemed to be Microsofts answer to rival the Playstations Little Big Planet franchise.

The games’ Community Manager Mike Lescault quoted on Reddit.

You will not need a Gold subscription to play Project Spark for free on any platform.

Project Spark will launch first on Xbox One, followed by Xbox 360 and PC with a beta due for release in early 2014. The great showing at E3 this year is below for reminder purposes only.

Via NeoGAF

Register for the Xbox One Project Spark BETA


Over on Xbox Wire, the Creative Director on the upcoming Xbox One Free to Play “Project Spark,” Henry Sterchi answered a few questions on the title and detailed how to join the BETA Program for the multi-evolving-do-what-you-want-as-you-please-creative-thingy-me-bob that looks a whole heap of fun when it launches.

Below are a few excerpts from the Q&A, ending with details on where to sign up for the Project Spark BETA. You can read the whole Q&A on Xbox Wire.

“Project Spark” will be available to download for free on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8. What opportunities do free-to-download offer that aren’t available in conventional retail games?

Henry Sterchi: “Project Spark” was conceived around letting everyone bring their imagination to life, so we wanted as many people as possible to play it and share their creations with the world. With the community being a central part of the experience, the more people that get involved playing, creating, inspiring each other, and even showing off their skills, the better.

User creation is the cornerstone of “Project Spark.” What are some of the coolest things players can create, and what are some of the crazier possibilities that you envision the community will explore?

At the highest level, the coolest thing people can and have been creating is the unexpected. We just continue to find new things and possibilities and it’s such a fresh experience where you never know what people will make next and it’s basically endless.

When we first got the touch controls running, one of the testers showed up with a fully functional synthesizer that recorded back your play. But, one of the coolest things I’ve seen is that we had a team member build a game they always wanted to make since they were a kid. It was this awesome early 90’s style RPG where you’d go around a town and talk to NPCs that would give you new quests and such. They had tons of dialogue to tell a story they’ve always wanted to tell. You could acquire a sword and find this cool hidden land filled with bad guys below the town. Seeing someone really pour their passion into something and make their once impossible dream come true was really inspiring.

The craziest thing I’ve seen so far was a nearly full length “buddy cop” style movie with stunts and boat chases and action scenes. I kept watching it laughing, it was so off the wall.

I just don’t know where the community will take things, but I know there will be so many new things and unexpected things – and that’s super exciting to me.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We just can’t wait to see what people will make and create. You can go towww.joinprojectspark.com and sign up for a chance to get into our upcoming beta or join the discussions on Facebook at project-spark or Twitter with #projectspark. We look forward to hearing from everyone and hope you all give it a try!