prototype 2

Prototype available to buy individually on Xbox One

A few weeks ago the Prototype collection appeared on the marketplace with little warning – the bundle is priced at £39.99 – a tad expensive if you only wanted one of the titles. This week you can purc...[Read More]

Prototype Biohazard bundle shapeshifts onto Xbox One

As spotted by our own keen-eyed Peter, as he was pursuing the Xbox Store via Smartglass, the Prototype Biohazard bundle is now available for download and includes both Prototype and Prototype 2, plus ...[Read More]

Prototype Collection heading to Xbox One?

Trophy listings for an Xbox one version of Prototype and Prototype 2 have been spotted. The games look like they will be releasing on 14th July, which is only a few days away. A Prototype 2 achievemen...[Read More]

PROTOTYPE 2’s second DLC pack, Excessive Force Out Now

PROTOTYPE 2’s Sgt. James Heller might be the ultimate shape-shifting badass, but even he wouldn’t say no to a little excessive force. PROTOTYPE2’s second DLC pack, Excessive Force, from Activision giv...[Read More]

Prototype 2 Review

Prototype 2 is a tale of revenge. One man’s payback for the death of his wife and daughter. Set against the backdrop of a virus-ridden city, iron fisted soldiers and super mutants. On paper it sounds ...[Read More]

PROTOTYPE 2 – Blackwatch Collectors Edition Out Now

Radical Entertainment once again ramps up the studio’s signature over-the-top mayhem with the Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collectors Edition. Available in stores now from Activision – the Prototype 2...[Read More]

UK: World’s First Over-18 Live Outdoor Ad for Prototype 2 This Weekend

Activision has announced today that PROTOTYPE 2, the sequel to Radical Entertainment’s original best-selling game of 2009, will be launched in the UK with the world’s first ever over-18 live outdoor a...[Read More]

PROTOTYPE 2 DLC Spotted – Colossal Mayhem Pack Dated May 8

Minor details about an upcoming DLC pack titled “Colossal Mayhem Pack” for PROTOTYPE 2 has leaked online via an image of a leaflet which might accompany the retail version of game when it ...[Read More]

Prototype 2 – Transport Helicopter and Gunship Videos

With so many potential enemies lurking on the streets of New York Zero (NYZ) in Prototype 2, it’s important to take every opportunity to stay protected. With the streets full of threats at every turn ...[Read More]

Pre-Order PROTOTYPE 2 to Secure Access to Over 55 Pieces of Additional Content

Today marks the announcement from Radical Entertainment to confirm that PROTOTYPE 2 will be shipped in a RADNET Edition exclusively for gamers who pre-order early.