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Prototype available to buy individually on Xbox One

prototype 1

A few weeks ago the Prototype collection appeared on the marketplace with little warning – the bundle is priced at £39.99 – a tad expensive if you only wanted one of the titles.

This week you can purchase either of the games individually. So for those of you that owned or played through one of these and did not want the collection, can now pick up Prototype for £19.99 and Prototype 2 for £29.99, which also includes all the DLC.

Prototype Collection heading to Xbox One?

prototype 1

Trophy listings for an Xbox one version of Prototype and Prototype 2 have been spotted. The games look like they will be releasing on 14th July, which is only a few days away. A Prototype 2 achievement list briefly appeared earlier this month spotted by Twitter users Tyler Quill & Wario64 with indication that DLC will be included with the collection – Radnet the Excessive Force Pack and the Colossal Mayhem Pack. While there has been no announcement from Activision about a Prototype remaster or collection seeing an achievements list on the Xbox one store does confirm their existence.

Here are some screens that I stumbled across while browsing Smartglass!


prototype 2

Will you be picking this up?