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TiX podcast special: State of the Industry 2017

Welcome to a new episode of the TiX Podcast, a special episode celebrating 2017.

Join Greg Giddens and Neale Jarrat as they discuss their highlights from the year in terms of games, explore the new hardware paradigm of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, gush over PSVR, and even take a quick stab at the loot box controversy. Welcome to State of the Industry 2017.

Podcast music by Bangmaid
Produced by James Gill

New Ways to Play in Destiny 2 – Curse Of Osiris DLC

November 21st saw the second release of content detail for the Curse Of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2. The TiX Guardians are eagerly awaiting this new content as it’s fair to say the endless nights of Destiny 2 have ceased as we’ve all reached our maximum power levels. As previously reported, this expansion coincides with the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro updates.

The Curse of Osiris will contain the biggest Public Event ever. Gate-keepers will be the focal point and once killed, players will be able to pick up keys as a way of progressing through the public event. With this Public Event, there are different islands which allow players to move around the environment, opening up space to other areas that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to when you’re patrolling.

The Lighthouse will make it’s return and players will find significant changes. A new area called The Forge is a Vex weapon wall which shows players’ progression, helping you build various weapons which can be used as end-game weapons. There will also be mysteries players can solve and piece together in the Lighthouse space and Brother Vance will provide new adventures, which will be the cornerstone for players to explore Mercury.

Players can challenge themselves with Heroic Adventures, and modifiers are being added to the Adventures which change it up every time you play. Players’ experiences will be changing with Story Strikes, and in EP1 there will be more Strikes shown as part of the main story which will tell players more about the Campaign.

There is also The Infinite Forest! This is a large Vex simulation constructed to explore infinite possibilities throughout time and is the last place Osiris was last seen. The Infinite Forest offers players a different experience every time, and a great experience whether you’re exploring the past, present or future
Ikora will set players through the forest in order to find demons and unlock the gate.
New ways to explore Mercury – players will experience different versions of Mercury as we move through time, with the Infinite Forest acting as a pathway from the present day into simulated versions of the past, present and future, giving a sense of the unknown, of wonder
Adventures all have different combat races, i.e. – playing one for the Hive or the Fall and players will have a lot of variety. End caps are all hand crafted. Encounters are custom.

For the full story check out Bungies Twitch channel where you can see a replay of the livestream.


Bungie announces 4K/HDR support for Destiny 2 on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Its all excitement here at TiX Towers, with nearly all of the writing staff getting delivery of brand spanking new Xbox One X consoles this week! Some had to wait a bit longer than others but all is now good with the world!

And, the game which we have all been playing loads of this past few months is Destiny 2, so we could hardly contain our excitement today when Bungie have announced what their plans are for the new Xbox console, and the PS4 Pro.

In their normal weekly update “This Week at Bungie” – hosted at www.bungie.net – they announced that “On December 5, along with the launch of Curse of Osiris and Season Two, we’ll be deploying an update to Destiny 2 that will deliver stunning gameplay with high dynamic range (HDR) lighting to these new consoles.  You’ll also see adaptive 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro and 4K on the Xbox One X.”

So, great news for all you Guardians out there – not long to wait until our eyeballs will be melted in Destiny 2!

We have already covered the news of what Curse of Osiris will bring to Destiny 2, and I for one am really looking forward to it, as I am nearly at that magical 305 with my Titan.

L.A. Noire remaster coming in November for Xbox One X, PS4 Pro in 4K

Rockstar Games have announced a new re-mastered version of detective thriller L.A. Noire, which is coming to the Xbox One and PS4 on November 14th.

Set against the seedy and violent underbelly of 1940s Los Angeles, L.A. Noire is the story of decorated war veteran and newly minted detective Cole Phelps as he investigates an escalating series of cases inspired by real-world crimes. Each successfully solved case brings Phelps greater success, but also closer to the dark criminal heart of post-war L.A.

The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro versions come with new bonus content and enhancements including updated weather, smog and lighting effects for a more realistic Los Angeles. Plus, real-time reflections on vehicle surfaces and new chrome and dirt effects to create a wider range of vehicles. It will also play in 4k on both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

A Nintendo Switch version will also be released alongside the remasters and will include the original game and its downloadable content, and will feature gyroscopic, gesture-based controls and HD rumble, as well as “new wide and over-the-shoulder camera angles, plus contextual touch screen controls for portable detective work,” Rockstar said.

Rockstar will also release its first virtual reality title based on the game, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, for HTC Vive which will include seven self-contained cases from the original L.A. Noire “rebuilt specifically for virtual reality.”


What the PS4 Pro means for Xbox One

Earlier this evening, Sony’s press conference in New York officially revealed the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro (previously the PS4 Neo).

I’m sure you’re wondering: “Why is an Xbox-centric site covering PlayStation news?”
That’s because we believe Xbox news is only valuable when it’s in the context of the entire industry.

We intend to put today’s PlayStation announcements in perspective and explore how this might affect Microsoft and the Xbox One.

First up, the PS4 Slim. Rumours have been circulating for weeks on the form and function of this hardware revision for the PS4, and it seems many of the rumour were true.


The PS4 Slim is a sleeker version of the current PS4. It’s more power efficient but otherwise provides no performance improvements over the current model. This puts the Xbox One S in a strong position against it thanks to it’s 4K video playback functionality and its HDR display output. However, the PS4 Pro is looking to fight back against this perceived advantage.

The PS4 Pro once again matches many of the rumours that have been circulating of late. The hardware will be twice as powerful as the current PS4, output 4K video and games, support HDR, and remain fully compatible with all current PS4 titles.

The PS4 Pro will also help upscale the image quality of games even if you’re running them on a non-4K TV. Essentially rendering games at 4K then outputting that in 1080p. It’s trick Nvidia graphics cards have been using for a few years on PC that aids in providing a smoother and more detailed HD images.


However, as powerful as the PS4 Pro is, Project Scorpio’s specs suggest the new Xbox console coming in 2017 will be significantly more powerful. A win for Microsoft, so it may seem. But that’s not the end of the story. The power discrepancy between the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio systems will only be relevant when both machines are released and competing against each other, and the PS4 Pro will hitting store shelves as early as November 10th this year.

The PS4 has been riding high on it’s power advantage since it and the Xbox One released in late 2013, and despite Microsoft quelling that advantage on paper with Project Scorpio’s specs, Sony have rallied and will maintain their advantage due to the PS4 Pro releasing imminently. Moreover, a firmware update will also be released that will allow all current PS4s to support HDR.

Xbox One Slim 2

This means the Xbox One S’s advantages are being stripped away. HDR will soon be supported across the PlayStation 4 family of devices and the release of the PS4 Pro in November will match the 4K video playback – with the added benefit of 4K gamming to boot. Moreover, the PS4 Pro will cost £349, the same as the PS4’s original price point.

And so the Xbox One S is a cheaper way to gain access to 4K video playback but it’s HDR support is no longer special. Meanwhile, Project Scorpio’s release date of late 2017 means the PS4 Pro will have exclusive 4K console gaming for 12 months. This puts Microsoft on the back foot again. If they are able to speed up the development of Project Scorpio then that will help significantly when combatting Sony’s PS4 Pro. Additionally, if a firmware update could also be implemented to all Xbox One consoles then that too will aid in their fight. Whatever happens next, we’ll be here to cover the news.