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Pure Hold ‘Em shows its hand with a release date


Launching August 21st, VooFoo Studios will be releasing the first Texas Hold’em Poker game to make it to Xbox One. Split across six different tables each differing in skill, with full online multiplayer support, you can jump in to matches with a space to play a few hands or create a fully customizable tournament for up to eight players to prove you’re the best and take the winnings. Packing a lot of options to customize the colors of your cards and the chips you use all the way down to the felt of the table you play on.

Tune in tomorrow Friday 14th August for an exclusive Pure Hold ‘Em stream

Pure Hold’em announces a King’s Ransom


It’s not even out yet, and Voofoo Studios are announcing DLC for Pure Hold’em. This DLC will feature a new chip set and was named via a community-driven competition.

This eventual winner, Ben King, beat over 1,000 other entries and came up with the apt moniker, King’s Ransom. Lucky old Ben won a console and his name in the game credits.

This DLC should be available when Pure Hold’em is released, although at the moment, there is no date set for that to happen.

Pure Hold’em will offer players the chance to step inside the Pure Casino, start at the Joker table and work their way up to the Aces and Masters tables in the exclusive VIP penthouse. It will feature full online multiplayer support with the option to create your own tournament or to simply join an open poker table for that quick online poker fix.

Ripstone Publishing and Voofoo are promising an update on the release date, soon.

Are you all in?


Pure Hold’em Beta is dealt onto the Xbox Store

VooFoo Studios are back, but this time it’s with a demo – the beta for their new poker game, Pure Hold’em.

There’s two tables to play in the Casino environment – the Jacks and Jokers tables – you can also jump in to an eight player online tournament!

Are you all in? If you are, then tweet your impressions with the hashtag #PureHoldem and/or visit the Pure Hold’em Survey to help VooFoo Studios make this the best possible Poker experience.

Pure Hold’em comes to Xbox One


Indie developers VooFoo Studios, the team behind Pure Pool have announced that Pure Hold’em is coming to the Xbox One. Based on Texas Hold’em the game brings the excitement of the Casino to your living room and players will have a choice of 4 different skill tables from the novice Jokers table to the pro Aces and Masters.

Pure Hold’em will support full online multilayer of up to 8 players and will allow the player to fully customise the tables, cards and chips they use.

VooFoo Studios in collaboration with Ripstone publishing have delivered some strong titles in the past and we have high hopes for this game. I just hope it lasts longer than the many attempts we have seen in the past on the 360.

Pure Hold’em is scheduled for release later this year but in the meantime check out the teaser trailer.