Q*bert REBOOTED: The Xbox One @!#?@! Edition


A lot can be said for the roots of gaming. The consoles that started the journey that we all find ourselves on today were groundbreaking at the time and while you might look back on them with some sco...[Read More]

Q*Bert REBOOTED is heading to Xbox One

Back when I was ( a lot ) younger, there emerged a lovable little character named Q*Bert. Your task, controlling it, was to guide the two-legged creature around an isometric gaming board with the aim ...[Read More]

Q*Bert REBOOTED: The Xbox One @!#?@! Edition

Q*bert is Back @!#?@! One of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful arcade games of the 1980s is back in its Classic pixel perfect 2D form, and a re-imagined Rebooted version with s...[Read More]