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Rainbow 6 Siege new map revealed as ‘Villa’

The next major update for Rainbow 6 Siege is Operation Para Bellum which is rumoured to be releasing in the first week of June. The new map for that release has now been revealed as ‘Villa’. Operation Para Bellum will also feature two new operators, again rumoured to be Alibi and Maestro, both defenders.

The villa was specifically designed to offer a competitive showdown. It sets the stage for diverse gameplay, providing wide staircases, narrow tunnels, and secret hatches. Don’t let the lush décor fool you, the villa is deadly: some of its floors are destructible and can fully expose you. The land belongs to the Vinciguerra, a dangerous crime family known for their smuggling activities. The house is their retreat, where they lead a lavish lifestyle and collect rare art pieces. Now we catch the villa in a snapshot of time: Vinciguerras are burning documents and transporting their holdings before the big raid. But they’ve got wind of Operation Para Bellum and fled, leaving everything in disarray with vital information ready for the taking.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Chimera Outbreak Full Reveal

It’s been teased for a while and now, at the Rainbow 6 Invitational in Montreal, the full details of the co-op Outbreak mode has been revealed. We have already seen the reveal of the two new operators but now we know what’s facing us in this new game mode. Outbreak is a limited time event, starting on March 6th, running for four weeks, and is a three person co-op mode similar to Terrorist Hunt but with alien-like mutants instead of Terrorists.

Outbreak takes place in the town of Truth and Consequence in New Mexico where a lost Soviet space capsule has crash landed, bringing an alien parasite to earth. The town has been cordoned off, and it’s up to your team to clear the enemies out. There are 5 different enemy types, from the human like “grunts” to the behemoth that is the “Smasher”. There are also three maps for Outbreak – Hospital, Junkyard and Resort.

But you won’t be able to use all of the Rainbow 6 operators, with it limited to just the eleven featured in the image below. Outbreak will feature two difficulty levels, Normal and Pandemic, with Pandemic being a much more realistic game mode with friendly fire being turned on, as well as giving you more enemies to deal with.

The demo shown on stage at the invitational saw Tachanka, Smoke and Buck clearing a map of enemies, whilst also completing objectives. Defensive strategies will also need to be used, reinforcing walls and doors as you go, as certain stages turn into a Horde-mode experience where defense is as important as attack, especially as some enemy types have a Thermite-like power to take down your barricades.

The TiX team will be all over this in March, so please keep an eye on our YouTube channel and Mixer to see how we get on. I imagine we will die A LOT!




Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 changes detailed after Ubisoft takes Criticism from Fans

Ubisoft have released more details of the changes coming to TiX favourite Rainbow Six Siege. However, these changes have created discussion amongst the veteran community which has led to Ubisoft changing their plans.

The first major update in Year 3 will be the introduction of a four week limited time event called Outbreak. An infestation of unknown origin is attacking the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The danger is so high that the authorities quarantined the entire town, trapping civilians and soldiers inside. Very little information is filtering out, but the only certainty is that the situation is dire. Outbreak is a four-week event where all Rainbow Six owners will be able to team-up with two of their friends to take on a mysterious threat. This free event will begin with the launch of the Year 3 Season 1 title update. Within the duration of the 4 weeks event, an exclusive collection of cutting edge HazMat cosmetic will be available. This gear will be found in the Outbreak Packs.

The Outbreak Collection is composed of a total of 50 unique items, and no duplicates. What this means is, if you acquire 50 Outbreak Packs, Ubisoft guarantee that you will have the entire Collection, including the Elite Uniform. They will contain universal weapon skins, unique weapon skins, headgear, uniforms, charms, as well as an Outbreak Collection exclusive of this season’s Elite Uniform. While there is a unique variation of the Elite Uniform available in the Outbreak Packs, the standard version of this Elite Uniform will be available for direct purchase once the event has started. All items in the pack will be either Rare, Epic, Legendary, and there will not be any content overlap between the Outbreak Packs and the Alpha Packs.

The Outbreak Packs can only be acquired for 300 R6 Credits each. That being said, a few other Outbreak rewards will be available through game play, and will be awarded based on other criteria to be disclosed at a later date.

All players that log in during the Outbreak Event will receive four Outbreak Packs immediately. For those of you who are new to the game and purchase the Advanced Edition before or during the Outbreak Event, you will receive the 10 packs that are included in the Advanced Edition, plus the four for logging in during the event. If you purchase the Advanced Edition after the event is over, you will still receive the 10 Outbreak Packs.

The Outbreak Collection will contain cosmetic gear for the following Operators: Two Chimera Operators, Smoke, Ying, Buck, Kapkan, Hibana, Zofia, Fuze, Ash, Doc, Thermite, Tachanka & Glaz.

There were also plans to change the way new players can get into Siege, with the removal of the Standard edition from sale, and the introduction of the Advanced edition, which is largely the same.

Starter Edition – Starter Edition of Rainbow Six Siege remains unchanged. It continues to be only available on PC and comes with access to all Rainbow Six Siege content: modes, maps, weapon options, level progression, and 600 Rainbow Six Credits, which can be used to purchase operators or cosmetics. The main difference between the Starter Edition and any other edition is that it takes an extended amount of time to unlock the 20 original Operators. The 20 original Operators cost 12,500 Renown each with the Starter Edition.

Advanced Edition – You will notice that the Standard Edition is no longer available. The Standard Edition has been replaced with the Advanced Edition. The Advanced Edition comes with all of the content that the Standard Edition had – access to all Rainbow Six Siege content: modes, maps, weapon options, level progression and the standard amount of time required to unlock the original 20 Operators. As an added benefit, the Advanced Edition comes with 600 Rainbow Six Credits, and 10 Outbreak Collection Packs.

Gold Edition – The Year 2 Gold Edition has been retired now that we are entering Year 3. The new Gold Edition will contain all of the content in the Advanced Edition, as well as a Year 3 pass.

Complete Edition – Given that we have a third year of content coming, we will also be making a change to the Complete Edition. It will now come with all content included in the Advanced Edition, the Year 1 and Year 2 Operators unlocked, and the Year 3 Pass.

As previously stated these changes have not gone down well within the community, with particular anger around the Outbreak packs only being available for 300 R6 Credits each. This means that there is no opportunity to be awarded these packs through gameplay only, which seems like a huge mis-step from Ubisoft. They have also reversed the decision to remove the standard edition from sale, and it will now still be available.

In a quote, Ubisoft have said;

“Our passionate and dedicated fans are the reason why Rainbow Six Siege is a success, especially the ones who have been with us from Day 1. Following yesterday’s announcement, we have seen the frustration from our veteran players rise to the top of the discussion. Below you will find our next steps for addressing these concerns.

For our veteran players, any of you that play an online match between now and March 6th will receive the upcoming Ash Sidewinder Elite skin for free. The Ash Sidewinder Elite will be automatically granted to your inventory at the launch of Year 3 Season 1.

For our newcomers and those of you concerned about introducing your friends to the game, we will be keeping the Standard Edition in the store at the current price.

For those of you who have raised concerns over the Starter Edition when it comes to acquiring Operators, we will be sharing more information about our next steps during the Six Invitational. We recognize that this has been a point of frustration for new players, as well as existing players bringing their friends into the game, and have been working on how to make this process more fluid.

The Rainbow Six Siege team has always incorporated player feedback into the game and the direction of the design. Your voice is incredibly important to us and we are monitoring your feedback closely on all aspects of this announcement.”

So, although everybody will be getting a free Elite skin there is no change to the way that the Outbreak packs can be acquired, unless Ubisoft have another change of heart. Watch this space.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Season Pass Now Available

Rainbow Six Siege was released in December 2015 so it’s now a bouncing bubbly two year old, and to celebrate it’s second birthday the team at Ubisoft have released the Year 3 Season Pass.

The upcoming third year features new CTU Operators from countries all around the world, including Russia, France, Italy, UK, US, and Morocco. Season Pass owners will have seven-day early access to the new Operators as they are released throughout the year for each Season. Additionally, they will receive 600 R6 credits as well as progression boosts, customization items, shop discounts, and more. Players who buy the Season Pass before March 5, 2018, will also get the Damascus Steel Signature Weapon Skin.

In addition to the eight new Operators, Year 3 will feature two new maps in Italy and Morocco, along with one map makeover and a special co-op event called Outbreak. I for one am happy to drop on this content now, as Siege continues to play a big part in the TiX teams multiplayer nights!

Rainbow Six Siege; Year 3 content revealed

Rainbow Six Siege; Operation White Noise revealed


Rainbow Six Siege – Year 3 content revealed

Following on from the latest content reveal of Operation White noise, Ubisoft have confirmed that year 3 is on the way and have teased some of the content.

Year 3 will be structured into four Seasons including:
· 8 new operators from the world’s highly performing CTUs
· 2 brand new maps set in Italy and Morocco
· 1 existing map make over with a new level design and art direction

The first season’s two operators are specialists in biohazard situations and, on top of being playable in adversarial multiplayer, will have to face a major threat in what will be the game’s first co-op event ever, named Outbreak. This event will be playable during 4 weeks for free for Rainbow Six Siege owners. It will also feature an exclusive collection of cosmetics, available only during the time of the event.

The full reveal of Operation Chimera and Outbreak will take place in Montreal at the Six Invitational 2018. More information on Year 3 will be coming soon.

Year 3 Pass will be available for purchase on December 12th.

Rainbow Six Siege – Operation White Noise revealed

The latest update for TiX favourite Rainbow Six Siege has been revealed at the Pro League finals in Brazil. The latest update for Season 2 features a new map and three new operators.

Descend on Mok Myeok, a staggering communications and observation tower in Seoul, South Korea. The tower brushes the clouds and overlooks the entire cityscape, a marvel of futuristic construction. Inside, traditional Korean architecture meets contemporary style: Tea rooms and lounges furnished in wood and homespun motifs, and bright and sleek modern offices. Art Director Gregory Fromenteau explained, “We are always looking to have contrast in the maps. Modern and old school, the duality of styles.”
Unfortunately, Mok Myeok is under attack, the sins of its corrupt CEO being laid bare. You must fight your way through the restaurant, nightclub, art gallery, and offices of the tower’s floors.
The first element the team wanted to take advantage of was the tower’s soaring height. “Our goal was to bring the fear of heights and a sensation of falling,” says Jacques Wong, one of the Level Designers. “The verticality and sense of being high-up is felt inside just as much as it is outside.”

The first of the new operators is Vigil who is equipped with a cloaking device that renders him invisible to cameras. This defensive character brings the K1A SMG and the BOSG.12.2 shotgun into the fight for his primary weapons and the C75 Auto and SMG-12 MPs as his secondaries.

Next up is attacker Dokkaebi, a South Korean hacker who can disrupt the defending teams by activating their mobile phones twice per round. This causes a loud buzzing noise for the rest of the attackers to hear, and also disrupts the defenders camera systems. Any defender killed will drop their phone and if the attackers get hold of them, they can use the defenders camera system against them.

Finally, Zofia. Equipped with a KS79 Lifeline which is a double barrel grenade launcher with one chamber containing an impact grenade for creating holes in walls, and the other as a concussion grenade.


Playing the For Honor Free Weekend will earn you a Rainbow 6 Charm

In news that will appeal to most of the Tix staff – due to our addictions to Rainbow 6 Siege – If you play the free weekend of For Honor, as covered by Rich here, then you will receive an exclusive Rainbow 6 charm, as seen above.

Ubisoft have clearly done this in order to get the reported 2 million player-base into another of their popular franchises, time will tell if it works! I will certainly be taking the bait!

If this appeals to you as well, check out the info below that shows you when For Honor is free in your home country and check out the website at https://forhonor.ubisoft.com/game/en-GB/free-weekend/

Bricking it in Rainbow Six: Siege

Arguably one of our favourite games right now, Rainbow Six: Siege has been quite the surprise hit of 2015, giving us far too many hours of fun here at TiX towers—and with no signs of slowing down with a year of free content headed our way, where can it possibly go from here?

Lego. That’s what YouTube’s BlacksheepPictures thinks, anyway, with a masterful recreation of Team Rainbow’s escapades, reimagined in the beautifully destructive brick-based world.

Judging by the video, these mini operators certainly know their stuff and get the job done in a professional manner. An object lesson, perhaps, for some of us who still insist on using Fuze in a hostage extraction…

I’m telling you, Rainbow Six + Lego. This is the next logical step.

TiX Podcast: TiXmas

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast.

Join Greg Giddens and Neale Jarrett for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 19 TiXmas – where the duo are joined by guests Richard Berry and Derek McRoberts to talk about recent games they’ve been playing, such as Fallout 4 and Dungeon of the Endless, and get nostalgic about childhood Christmases.


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The awesome music in this episode was provided by Bangmaid and produced by James Gill. (https://www.mixcloud.com/bangmaid/)



Shooter of the Year

The year is coming to a close and so it’s time once again to take a look back at all the great games that have been released in 2015.

Every day up until the end of the year we’ll be revealing our top three games from a number of different categories, all the way up until the coveted Game of the Year reveal.

Next up is Shooter of the Year.

Third Place – Halo 5: Guardians

As the middle game in a new Halo trilogy, Halo 5’s storytelling struggles slightly but superb enhancements to the familiar, arcade action that Halo is so well known for still put this entry near the top of our Game of the Year list.

Dave Moran reviewed Halo 5 and commented on the excellent new mobility, describing it as:

…the best mobility and skill set I’ve ever used while playing as a Spartan.

and allowing

…plenty of ways to reach an objective or to deal with a group of enemies.

Meanwhile, an excellent multiplayer suite with the terrific new War Zone mode offers oodles of replayability.

Indeed the Halo series remains strong with this latest entry and Halo 5 is well deserving of a top three position in out Shooter of the Year category.

Check out the review here.

Halo 5 Warzone

Second Place – Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow 6 Siege brings back the much loved, tactical, military shooter along with some exceptional enhancements that make the team-based gunplay even more compelling.

Richard Berry reviewed Siege and said

It’s a thrilling experience and one that can play out in any number of different ways…

and indeed this ability to offer so many different scenarios within its ten maps is part of why we can’t stop playing it over at TiX towers. The destructibility, and intractable enemies makes this latest iteration in the Rainbow 6 saga a stunning success, one that so nearly took top spot as Shooter of the Year.

Check out the review here.


Shooter of the Game – Star Wars: Battlefront

The last year has been a strongly hyped build up to both a new Star Wars film and the revival of the Battlefront series. And despite fears over content and quality, once the new Star Wars shooter finally released it made a strong impression on even the most cynical of Star Wars fans.

The authenticity to the source material is phenomenal, as Richard Berry says in his review

DICE have lovingly recreated the universe of Star Wars. From cargo crates and power couplings to X-Wings and Lightsabers – nothing has been left to chance or imitation – everything has been modelled from the original props and it makes for a wonderful experience and looks absolutely stunning.

We at TiX towers couldn’t agree more but we all agree that our Star Wars love may be clouding our judgement. We searched our minds, quelled the dark side, and voted, and by a mere single vote Star Wars Battlefront beat out Rainbow 6 Siege for Shooter of the Year.

Check out the review here.


Be sure to check out the site again tomorrow to see the next category and its winner.

Honourable mentions go to Gears of War Ultimate Edition, World of Tanks Xbox One Edition, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and Wolfenstien: The Old Blood, all of which were nominated by the TiX team but didn’t quite make the cut.