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Operation Para Bellum goes live on Rainbow Six Siege on June 7th

Operation Para Bellum, which makes up Year Three Season Two is going live this week, on June 7th.

Season Two introduces two G.I.S. Operators that thrive under the blaze of the Tuscan sun. Team Rainbow is deploying Maestro and Alibi in the map, Villa.

You can find out more about the new operators and the new map in our recent blog post.

Before Ubisoft confirmed the release date, Para Bellum has gone through extensive testing on the Rainbow Six siege Technical Test Severs. No doubt the release will be staggered during the day of the 7th. Fingers crossed it goes a little more smoothly than the Outbreak release from earlier in the year.

Rainbow Six Siege Escalation videos highlight R6 ESports

Rainbow Six Siege is still a firm favourite here at TiX, but it’s fair to say we are never going to be at the same standard of play as the guys in these videos. As the 16 best Rainbow Six: Siege teams gear up for the biggest tournament of the year, the Six Invitational, which is taking place on February 13th-18th in Montreal, the “Escalation” video series showcases what it takes to reach the level of a Pro League player. Players from Evil Geniuses (USA), Team Liquid (Brazil) and Supremacy (France), as well as shoutcasters KiXSTAr and Meligeni, go over the technicalities of Rainbow Six: Siege throughout this series of four episodes filmed during the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 Finals in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In Episode 01 “Stay on Top”, our Pro League players explain how the release of new operators and maps in Rainbow Six: Siege’s evolving meta challenges them to stay innovative and resourceful in order to stay on top of their game.

Episode 02 “Breach the Fortress” highlights Rainbow Six: Siege’s replayability as it breaks down the game’s unique destructible environment and showcases the importance of strategic preparation and set-up.

Episode 3 “Gear Up”, delivers an in-depth perspective of the training routine, mental workout and dedication required to establish yourself and your team in Rainbow Six Siege’s competitive scene, by exploring the mindset of Pro League teams.

Episode 4 “Secure the Clutch”, breaks down a cult moment of the Rainbow Six Pro League, an extraordinary clutch move happening last year, in a 1 v 5 situation handled perfectly by Brazilian Pro-Player Nesk. This episode reveals what happens when the odds are stacked against you and you can only rely on yourself to win the round and the game.

If you want to see the TiX team in action, to maybe see just how bad we really are compared to the pros, you can check out “Greg’s Quest for a Sausage Fest Part 2” and you don’t even need to go very far to see it, as it’s just below for your viewing pleasure!

Get a peek at Rainbow Six Siege’s first year 3 content

Can you believe that Rainbow Six Siege is headed into its third year of content? Well we can, the TiX team regularly get together to lay siege to the online multiplayer or, more frequently, fight it in private matches.

Ubisoft have offered a glimpse into the first content that will release in year 3 – two new operators and a new co-op event.

The teaser reveal for the co-op event is rather sinister and quite the departure from what we’ve become accustomed to from the Siege team. Is it too obvious that zombies or aliens are at the centre of the event? Recently, Predator made a surprise appearance in Ghost Recon – it would be awesome to see something as deadly head to Rainbow Six.

Rainbow Six Siege gets mid-season nerf

Ubisoft have unveiled some tweaks to various Rainbow Six Siege operators as part of the White Noise campaign.

The mid-season nerf, which includes various game and level bug fixes, addresses the deployable shield exploit and introduces a new animation icon for when a team mate is defusing the bomb – additionally – once the defuser is placed, the round timer is replaced by the defuser’s progress.

Operators at the centre of the nerf include Ela’s SMG clip size, which is being taken down from 50 to 40 bullets. Ash will see her R4-C’s damage output nerfed from 41 to 39, while more brutally, Twitch’s drone ammo is being stripped right down from 15 to 5, meaning those menacing drones will need to be far more choosey when picking targets. Oddly, Bandit is also being picked on, with one of his barbed wires being taken away leaving him with only two deployable wires.

Concussion effects across all operators will also receive a slight nerf. Movement will still be reduced, but sprinting will no longer be disabled – while this will impact all equipment with concussion effects, this nerf will mostly affect Ela and Zofia.


It’s not all doom and gloom, Lesion’s Gu mine refill timer is being reduced from 35 seconds down to 30 seconds and Capitao’s Para-308 is receiving a buff that will see a damage increase from 43 to 48 and a slight reduction in recoil.

Capitao right now is not attractive enough. His gadget suffers from a few issues that will need long-term solutions, but in the meantime, it’s clear that his main assault rifle is too weak.

The new patch is being deployed to the Technical Test Server on PC today, January 11, 2018.

Rainbow Six Siege grabs a free play weekend

It’s been a while since the TiX crew have took to Rainbow Six Siege – damn all those new games vying for our attention – but if you’ve yet to play Siege (Shame on you… SHAME!) then this weekend you should may a date with the operators of Rainbow Six Siege as the game is getting a free play weekend.

Running from November 16-19, players will have the opportunity to take the game for a spin with all content available (minus the fact you need to purchase additional operators with in-game credits).

The full game is also getting a whopping 50% off from November 16-27, so if you enjoy your time with the game, you really have no reason not to buy the full game.

Rainbow Six Siege continues to be supported by the team at Ubisoft, entering its fourth season of year 2, Operation White Noise will deploy onto test PC servers at the end of November and features a new map in a sky high observation tower above Seoul’s skyline in South Korea. The new content also includes three new operators.


Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid launching September 5th

Ubisoft have announced that Operation Blood Orchid, the Year 2, Season 3 add-on content for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, will launch on September 5th on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The Theme Park map will be available at no additional cost for all players. Starting on September 5th, season pass holders will be able to access three new operators and their signature weapons skins. All other players will be able to unlock the new content starting September 12th using Renown or R6 Credits.

In the new map of Operation Blood Orchid, players will have to raid an abandoned theme park, identified by the Special Duties Unit (SDU) – also known as the Flying Tigers – as a criminal organisation’s nest for narcotic manufacturing. After establishing a connection with the Hong Kong Triad, two Flying Tigers are chosen to lead a lethal raid in the Theme Park, a colourful and eclectic map filled with dynamic and fast-paced face-offs.

To find out about the three new operators, check out the news piece from a week ago, which details them, their strengths and their gadgets.

To mark the culmination of Operation Health, Operation Blood Orchid will be the largest update for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege ever deployed, bringing fixes and improvements to the game, including an updated lighting system, data clean-ups on operators, optimized stability, reduced load times and a smaller memory footprint. New and improved servers will also be deployed around the launch of Season 3 to enhance stability, connectivity and overall performance. For more information about this patch, please consult the full patch notes on www.rainbow6.com/bloodorchid.

Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Blood Orchid New Operators

If you read TiX on a semi-regular basis you will already know that Rainbow Six Siege is probably the most played game over here at TiX Towers. Any new writers will be blooded and trained up to play, so if real life gets in the way we can still get a 5v5 ranked match going.

Operation Blood Orchid is the latest update and is due for release on September 5th. With that update comes new operators, and they have been revealed and detailed over on the Ubiblog. So, without further ado, here they are, with the details of just how they will be killing me over the next few months!

The only attacker of the three is Ying from the Hong Kong CTU. She brings a trio of Candela devices—small spheres that shoot flash charges into the air and blind anyone nearby, with one exception. Ying herself wears special glasses that make her immune to her own flashes, so while your enemies are laying low or blindly firing until the flash wears off, you can rush in and clear them out.

Candelas can be thrown like grenades, but they have a few other deployment options that open up some intriguing strategies. Instead of simply tossing one, you can hold the button down to cook it before release. There are three lights on the Candela that will progressively light up; for each one lit, the Candela will roll along the ground for a little bit longer before firing off flashes. You can roll it under barricades or through drone holes, allowing you to flash the room before the enemy knows where you’re breaching from or to reach far corners where defenders are holed up.

Alternatively, you can “Fuze” the Candela by deploying it on a breachable surface so it fires the flashes into the room on the other side. Cooking your release here will set an increasingly long delay timer, allowing you to get in position to make your move. Candelas are vulnerable to destruction, so if you set off a breach charge too close or fire through the barricade prematurely, you might foil your own plan. But time it properly, and you’ll have a room full of flashed opponents waiting to be gunned down by Ying’s shotgun or LMG.

The second new operator, and first of the two defenders is Lesion, from the Hong Kong CTU, who packs throwable Gu mines that deploy on the floor and stick any attacker who steps on them with a poison needle. Getting stuck causes visual distortion—sort of a swampy, queasy filter—and does damage over time as the needle remains in your leg. Attackers can either fight through the disorientation and take the damage, or they can follow the on-screen prompt to remove the needle from their leg, lowering their gun and leaving themselves vulnerable in the process. Unless you’re using I.Q.’s electronics detector, you can forget about watching your step; Gu mines are cloaked and all-but-invisible to anyone but Lesion.

Lesion can see a small icon above each deployed trap, and keeping an eye on those icons can help you respond quickly when one is triggered. He can deploy a total of seven mines, but it takes a little while to do so. Lesion doesn’t start with a full complement of traps; he acquires them as time passes. The cooldown timer on-screen shows you how many you have available and how long until another one is ready. This means that Lesion can continue to mine new areas throughout the match, so the longer the enemy team takes, the more mines he can deploy. Whether you’re lying in wait to ambush poisoned enemies with his silenced shotgun or cackling with delight as an enemy succumbs to poison even after you’ve died, Lesion and his mines are a deadly nuisance.

The third new Operator is the first member of the Polish CTU, GROM, to take the field (the second will be released with the next Operation). Ela is a defender who packs Grzmot mines (“grzmot” means “thunder” in Polish), which are proximity concussion mines that can be thrown and stuck to walls, ceilings, and floors. These beauties will detonate when an enemy gets close, stunning them, disrupting their hearing, and shaking up their view but doing no damage. Fortunately, Ela is a speedy Operator who can close distance fast when one of her mines goes off in order to capitalize on the opportunity. She has an SMG or a shotgun to do the heavy lifting, as well as a Siege-first pistol with an integrated dot sight for mopping things up.

While her mines have obvious applications when defending on-site, Ela’s speed makes it possible to take a more aggressive anti-roamer approach. Laying a nest of mines where you predict enemies will infiltrate can be a great way to stymie their advance, forcing them to burn valuable clock time. Sneaking up on a roamer and throwing down a mine can lead to an easy kill. If decide to fall back to the objective site, consider leaving a mine along your retreat vector to discourage pursuers. And if she happens to get downed, Ela can manually detonate a concussion charge on her person (she always carries an extra just for this purpose), giving allies a better chance to clear the area and revive her.

All three Operators will be available for free to Season Pass holders on launch day, and available for all other players to purchase in-game one week later

Rainbow Six lays ‘Siege’ to Xbox Free Play Days

Rainbow Six Siege is the next game with its sights set on Xbox Free Play Days. Kicking off on August 24, you will be able to get unlimited access to one of the best tactical multiplayer shooters available on Xbox One through until August 27.

During the weekend, and running until September 4, you will be able to purchase the full with a generous 50% discount applied to the usual price. We’re big fans of Siege, you can see what we thought of the game when we reviewed it back in December 2015 – has it really been almost two years!

Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Blood Orchid coming in August

Ubisoft have announced that the latest update to the magnificent Rainbow Six Siege will be appearing on our Xbox’s on August 29th. The developer temporarily postponed the regular season updates earlier this year in order to launch Operation Health, a series of updates designed to fix the various bugs and server issues that do affect the game.

The new season will be  revealed at the Rainbow Six Pro League finals at Gamescom, but what we do know is that it will feature a new map and three new operators, two from Hong Kong and one from Polands GROM unit.

The new map may be set in a theme park, definitely in Honk Kong, as the teaser image looks to feature an abandoned rollercoaster. There has been no official confirmation from Ubisoft but a similar location was seen briefly, and probably unintentionally, on the Rainbow Six Siege online tactical board.

The new Operation Blood map will be available for free to all players on August 29, as will the new operators for season pass holders. Players who don’t have the pass will have to wait until September 5. The Rainbow Six Pro League finals will take place August 25-26.

Rainbow Six Siege now has 20m players with 2.3m playing everyday

Rainbow Six Siege is still one of our favourite games at TiX Towers, so it’s of little surprise to see that Ubisoft have announced that 20m players are registered to be playing with 2.3m playing each day.

The game is currently going through ‘Operation Health‘ a break between seasons to work on issues and improve the experience for players.

The Hong Kong content planned for Season 2 will now be available in Season 3 which is due towards the end of August.

Rainbow Six Siege Season Three comes with two new Operators from Hong Kong’s Special Duties Unit (SDU), a new map, and new weapons.

There are new Polish operates due to be released soon, one will be available in Season 3 and the other in Season 4. The South Korean content will release as planned during Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 in November.

Are you still playing Siege? Let us know below.