Rainbow Six

Ubisoft releases screenshots of new Rainbow Six: Siege map

Shots of the new Rainbow Six: Siege map, releasing as part of Operation Black Ice, have been released by Ubisoft France today. In the Baffin Bay, a luxury yacht has crashed into an iceberg breaching t...[Read More]

Another January patch for Rainbow Six Siege

Patch 1.2 will go live for Xbox One today, which we reported on last week. Ubisoft have also announced that patch 1.3 will be with us by the end of January! Releasing January 20, the next patch will a...[Read More]

Bricking it in Rainbow Six: Siege

Arguably one of our favourite games right now, Rainbow Six: Siege has been quite the surprise hit of 2015, giving us far too many hours of fun here at TiX towers—and with no signs of slowing down with...[Read More]

Ubisoft details Rainbow Six: Siege updates for January

Ubisoft today outlined its next major set of technical updates for Rainbow Six: Siege following a period of “degradation” over the Christmas period. In a post on the official Rainbow Six f...[Read More]

Rainbow Six Siege will kick your ass with patch 1.1

Rainbow Six Siege is awesome, so awesome that it’s keeping me from attacking my pile of shame. But one thing has frustrated me while playing online with the rest of Blue on Blue squad… Team kill...[Read More]

Rainbow Six Siege review

Each game of Rainbow Six Siege is an intense battle of cat and mouse. Everyone holds his or her breath, wondering who will make the first move. Then, a distant explosion goes off as a breach charge br...[Read More]

Once more unto the breach – Rainbow Six Siege launch trailer

I am stupidly excited for the launch of Rainbow Six Siege… Terrorist Hunt alone makes Ubisoft’s next title one of my most wanted titles of the year. I poured countless hours into Vegas’ ve...[Read More]

Rainbow Six Siege: Back in beta

Rainbow Six Siege goes into open beta next week from November 25-29. This will be a final stress test before the game launches on December 1. If you were lucky enough to get into the closed beta then ...[Read More]

Idris Elba ask you to “Siege the day”

Idris Elba heads up the latest TV spot for Rainbow Six Siege. The live action emotive trailer captures the essence of a Siege match on a recreation of the House map. Elba is also the star of an upcomi...[Read More]

Rainbow Six Siege fall trailer

Yesterday Ubisoft dropped an action packed Rainbow Six Siege trailer. Throughout the tight spaces and up-close-and-personal gameplay style, there is nothing short of flying bullets, explosives, breach...[Read More]

Rainbow Six Siege beta impressions – Terrorist Hunt

I absolutely loved Terrorist Hunt on Rainbow Six Vegas and I’d buy a copy of Siege if its Terrorist Hunt were just as good. While the beta version of Terrorist Hunt only offers a taste into the mode, ...[Read More]

Rainbow Six lays Siege to the beta for three extra days

Ubisoft kicked off the Rainbow Six Siege beta with a short technical test before the crowds descended upon what I think will be the next big thing for eSports. Sure there have been some issues, and th...[Read More]

Rainbow Six – The art of siege

Ubisoft have thrown down a challenge to bring out the best in players with an in depth training regiment. Art of Siege is here to help provide three different aspects to gain an advantage over your op...[Read More]

Rainbow Six : Siege delayed until December

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated return to the Rainbow Six IP has hit a 7 week snag as, following extensive internal play-testing and closed alpha testing, Ubisoft Montreal have taken the decision t...[Read More]

Xbox @ gamescom – Rainbow Six Siege trailer

Incoming breach from the German GSG9 counter terrorist unit, showing off a new industrial harbour level and seemingly a lot of traps and head shots. Purchasing Rainbow Six Siege will land you  to two ...[Read More]

Rainbow Six Siege: Interactive trailer

Click here to watch some Rainbow Six Siege gameplay with this interactive trailer. This features a squad breaching, causing a load of damage, using some tech and muscle, unloading lots bullets on the ...[Read More]

Siege’s heavily armored third unit

Coming up for the third team entry of Rainbow Six Siege is the french counter terrorism unit GIGN. Packing some seriously heavy armor and close quarters defensive ability we see members Twitch, Montag...[Read More]

E3 Ubisoft Conference – Rainbow Six Siege gets Terrorist Hunt

Ubisoft tonight revealed further footage from its up and coming Rainbow Six Siege. Siege allows you to play either solo or co-op with four friends against the most challenging AI Ubisoft has to offer....[Read More]

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

The infamous FBI S.W.A.T team is second up showing off their unique weapons and technology to get the job done quickly, joined this time by the likes of Thermite, Ash, Castle and Pulse we see the Amer...[Read More]

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – release date

Mark the date down, write it on your calendars, add it your mobiles and make sure you get your pre-order money ready. Ubisoft today announced that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be available on O...[Read More]

Tom Clancy’s rainbow six: Siege

The first installment of Siege spotlight trailers looks at the British unit. The elite team of Smoke, Mute, Thatcher & Sledge show off their skills in this trailer as they breach the opposition wi...[Read More]

Collector’s Edition and Operator system are headed to Rainbow Six Siege

  Ubisoft have announced that Rainbow Six Siege will have its own Collector’s Edition, which will include: Full game Collector’s box Gold Skins Pack for all in-game weapons Exclusive 120-pa...[Read More]

Rainbow Six: Siege – it’s ‘beta’ to pre-order

If you want a sneak peek at what’s in store for the Rainbow Six series, then you best get your pre-order in. Currently Ubisoft are trialling a closed Alpha test that was only available to PC own...[Read More]