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Zombie Army Trilogy invades stores today

Zombie Army Trilogy launches today for Xbox One – we have a giveaway for four codes that ends at 13:00 GMT – starting life as DLC for the PC version of Sniper Elite V2, Zombie Army trilogy bundles together the first two episodes and concludes the series with a fresh new episode that includes new mechanics and visuals. The Trilogy also comes with Horde mode – a brand new mode that best enjoyed with a group of mates.

Check out the launch trailer below and keep an eye out for our review later today!

Giveaway: Zombie Army Trilogy


UPDATE: Our own ZAT team of elite snipers have picked their favourite entries – thanks for all your entries, both funny, serious and sentimental – our next giveaway is for a £100 voucher to be spent at Controller Modz, with two runners-up each receiving a £30 voucher –  and now, I give you our fours ZAT winners:

  • Elyse Smith
  • Shawn Sigurdson
  • exsonyfanboy
  • Chris Hounsom

Good afternoon zombie fans, have we got a treat for you! The excellent Zombie Army Trilogy is released on Friday – Leigh is just putting the finishing touches to our review – in the meantime we’ve teamed up with Rebellion to offer four lucky readers a digital download code of the game.

To enter we would like to know who you would take into battle in your four-man ZAT team?

We shall pick the winners Friday lunchtime (UK time). The giveaway is open to all – good luck!

Please read the full giveaway terms and conditions here.

Zombie Army Trilogy pushes you to upgrade


Rebellion are cranking up the pressure on other zombie shooters we could mention, by releasing a new trailer for their imminent horror shooter, Zombie Army Trilogy.

The theme of this new video is, reasons you’re going to upgrade if you already own the first two games in the series. Honestly.  Shall we have a look at them?

  • Brand new 3rd campaign: The series will come to an apocalyptic conclusion with five exclusive new single or multi-player missions across all-new environments.
  • Remastered original campaigns: Ten missions from the previous games, with new animations, dynamic physics & all-round improved visuals.
  • Terrifying new enemies: Blood-spattered Chainsaw Elites, Panzer Zombies and Armoured Skeletons, to name just a few.
  • Four new player characters: A quartet of new female leads to choose from, each with their own backstory.
  • Tactical enemy dismemberment: Gruesome. Cold-bloodedly dismember zombies to slow them down, or stomp on exposed craniums for an instant kill.
  • Horde Mode: Challenge yourself in the new Horde Mode, where you are faced with infinite waves of the animated undead over 5 dedicated multiplayer maps.
  • Unified online community: Team up online and take on any mission from any campaign, comparing kills, new combos, score, leaderboards and your collection of Furby.. OK, maybe not the Furby thing.

What does this mean? Well, despite you, perhaps, owning these already, it means you’ll be able to play them all on your mighty Xbox One.

Need more convincing? OK, here’s the trailer with some lovely zombie spattering action. Don’t take too long to make up your mind though, it’s coming out on the 6th of March. Enjoy.

The ‘Zombie Army’ is invading on March 6

Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy will be marching onto Xbox One from March 6 and here’s some brand new screenshots to ponder over.

The self-published title combines the excellent Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army and Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 plus a third never before seen campaign. The Nazi zombies were a cult sensation when they first appeared on the PC edition of  Sniper Elite V2 and now us console gamers can finally get in on the action.

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition announced


505 Games hide ‘n’ seek shooter, Sniper Elite 3 is getting the Ultimate treatment.

The hit game, developed by Rebellion, is being bundled up with all of the DLC and bonus content into Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition.

This will feature the following:

  • Save Churchill missions, part 1, 2 and 3
  • 18 additional weapons
  • 9 additional DLC packs
  • All post-launch bonus content.

All of this high-velocity goodness will be available from the 10th of March on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

We reviewed it here and gave it a solid 60%

To celebrate this fact, they’ve produced a handy trailer, with all of the relevant details inside.

Achtung! There’s zombies coming to Xbox One


Zombies seem to be quite the regular occurrence in gaming these days so it makes sense that now is the right time to resurrect the cult PC series Zombie Army – the spin-off Sniper Elite shooter.

The trilogy, which is marked as “releasing early 2015”, is dusting off its bones and rising up from the crypt with a new lease of life courtesy of Rebellion and comes loaded with new content that includes remastered versions of the two titles that launched on PC titles and a copy of the “never-seen-before” third game.

The remastered 1080p trilogy features the classic x-ray kill cam that made Sniper Elite so popular, 15 campaign missions, five horde maps, eight playable characters (four of each sex) and 25 weapons/traps – all of which can be played with three other players.

Check out some artwork below and the trailer to whet your appetite for the undead!

Sniper Elite V2 Review

Sniper Elite V2 developed by Rebellion and published by 505Games, is a complete remake of the 2005 Xbox Original hit ‘Sniper Elite’. Using the same timeframe of events and location during the WWII Battle of Berlin in the Spring of 1945 – in V2 you take on the role of an American Office of Strategic Services officer named, Karl Fairburne who must kill scientists involved in the German V-2 rocket programme, hence the title of Sniper Elite V2. It’s a third person shooter and heavily relies on stealth to complete your main objectives. Continue reading Sniper Elite V2 Review