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Enter the bullfighting ring with Toro on Xbox One


There’s definitely something strange in the air this Friday. Firstly, RECO Publishing announces a game about ninja vegetables, then the Spanish publishers announce what is quite possibly the world’s first bullfighter simulator, Toro.

Lauded in Spain and pretty much lambasted everywhere else, this is the opportunity you may, or may not, have been looking for, all of your life.

This will challenge your reflexes, skills and reactions as you face off with half a ton of angry male steak.

The release goes on, “Play in first person mode and feel the rush when bullfighting the bravest bulls ever digitalised”. I’m not sure it’s the bulls who are brave, but who am I to judge?

Spar with these angry bovine in the most famous bullrings worldwide and be the matador you’ve always dreamt of being.

Toro is expected to release on Xbox One in the first quarter of this year.


RECO set to simmer the veggies with Yasai Ninja on Xbox One


I’ve seen some strange things in my time on this mudball. One of the strangest has to be the latest announcement from Spanish publisher, RECO Publishing.

With main characters called Samurai Onion and Broccoli Joe, you know you’re in for something a little bit on the nutty side of Sunpat.

Yasai Ninja then, is such a game, with characters it would appear, that are straight out of a Harry Hill sketch. You play as both shameless nomadic fighter, Broccoli Joe, and old school Samurai Onion, in this 3D hack n slash multiplayer adventure. Each character has their own ability and will affect the game in different ways, unlocking different moves, combos and special abilities by earning XP during fights.

Broccoli Joe fights with his nunchuks, close-combat style, fast and effective. He can evade incoming attacks, but because he wears no armour, he’s unable to block them. He’s not as strong as his couterpart, but he is faster and can unlock special equipment to boost his strength.

Samurai Onion is an old school, silent Samurai. He strives to defeat the evil feudal Lord Cucumber (I kid you not) and recover the honour that was besmirched by his betrayer. Onion makes his enemies cry with his chopping Katana (sorry) and can block attacks with his Samurai armour.

Apart from this, we have little background on the story mode for this quirky fighter. Yasai Ninja is scheduled to enter the Xbox One fray in the 2nd quarter of 2015. Until then, have a look at the short announcement trailer below, just don’t show them the steamer!