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Grow up on August 16 with BUD

Ubisoft’s charming platformer, Grow Up will launch August 16 on Xbox One in NA and Europe, and August 17 in Japan. Featured in the Ubisoft studio found in The Division, the game centres around a small red robot called BUD who must explore the open-world to find pieces of his spacecraft – sounds a bit Pikmin – using his trusty Floradex 300, a gadget that can spawn various plants that can help him navigate the world.


Watch Dogs 2 is real, full reveal this Wednesday

Ubisoft dropped a brief tease for the oft-rumoured sequel to 2014’s hack-and-thrash game Watch Dogs, earlier today. The 30-second clip, titled Hello World, features what looks to be a whole new protagonist, untucked shirt ‘n all.

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier reported earlier this year that Watch Dogs 2 would be set in San Francisco—quite the departure from the original entry’s depiction of Chicago.

Newcastle-based Ubisoft Reflections—a co-developer on the original Watch Dogs—tweeted the video out shortly afterwards, adding that fans can expect a full reveal this Wednesday at 5pm, mere days ahead of Ubisoft’s Aisha Tyler’s press conference at E3 next week.

With San Francisco being the home of Silicon Valley—and most of our data—this may be shaping up to be a wild ride indeed.