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MMO APB Reloaded coming free to Gold members

APB Reloaded

Calling all cars, calling all cars! Ravenscourt and Reloaded Games have today issued an APB for, well. APB Reloaded. This customisation driven open-world MMO has been released as a free to play (for Gold Members) and free to download title on Xbox One. APB Reloaded puts you in the near-future urban cityscape of San Paro […]

APB: Reloaded MMO coming to Xbox One

There are many things in the evolution of games that can be compared. First-person shooters inevitably get compared to each other. Back in 1987, a top-down cops and robbers game called APB was released on the home computer systems at the time, and was great fun. 10 years later a top-down cops and robbers game […]