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Xbox Game Pass adds 7 new Titles to its Roster

Xbox Game Pass has this week added 7 new games to its already huuuge list of titles, taking the total amount of games to 119! Added this week are; Dead Island Definitive Edition Resident Evil 6 F1 201...[Read More]

TiX Podcast: E3 Approaches

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast. Join Greg Giddens and Steve Peacock and for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 28 E3 Approaches. In this episode the pair discuss Overwatch,...[Read More]

Resident Evil 6 Review

Despite being panned by critics when it was originally released, Resident Evil 6 has been given the re-release treatment and has been enhanced for the Xbox One, featuring all previous DLC, a higher re...[Read More]

TiX Podcast: BvS…I Mean Videogames

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast. Join Greg Giddens and Steve Peacock and for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 26 BvS…I Mean Videogames. In this episode the pair disc...[Read More]

Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 coming to Xbox One

Today, Capcom announced that they will be releasing the fourth, fifth and sixth Resident Evil games on the next gen consoles. Excitingly, the three games will also feature all DLC ever made for them. ...[Read More]

Capcom Essentials 5 Game Bundle Outed for Xbox360

5 Great Capcom games at 1 Special Price – and it’s heading to Xbox 360 on August 10th this year… well for Canada at least since the Canadian EB Games website listed it this week! As ...[Read More]

Resident Evil: Revelations Review

Do you remember Resident Evil 6? No me neither, mainly because I have tried to put it out of my mind and not think about it. Being a Resident Evil fan, which I am sure you are too (you are reading a R...[Read More]

Resident Evil 6 – Leon Gameplay Video’s

Resident Evil 6 features three distinct, yet interwoven, storylines, each with its own pair of protagonists for either solo or co-op play, both offline and online.

Playr: Resident Evil 6 Most Wanted Game For 2012

According to site statistics released from, Resident Evil 6 is the most searched for release of 2012 on-site; suggesting it to be this year’s most anticipated game amongst gaming fans.

Resident Evil 6 – New Game Information Revealed

It has already been revealed that Chris Redfield heads to China during the course of the game but it has now been confirmed that the main location in China will be a fictitious coastal town called Lan...[Read More]

Get Early Access to Resident Evil 6 Demo With Dragon’s Dogma

Capcom confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma, its open world action title due to ship out in North America on May 22nd, 2012 and across Europe on May 25th, 2012 – will include access to a playable demo ...[Read More]

Resident Evil 6 – Six Player Co Op Outed By Microsoft

A few days ago the very strange viral website “No Hope Left” guided us towards the announcement of Resident Evil 6 – however, what we didn’t know was that the game is set to fe...[Read More]

NoHopeLeft Clues Link To Resident Evil 6 Trailer

NoHopeLeft – an online website that seems to place symbols in various places with the date of January 19th 2012 being very significant, has now revealed its secret…