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Watch sci-fi combat title Aaero in new trailer


There are a couple of music-driven titles that are heading to Xbox in the coming months. Indie micro-developer, Mad Fellows can be added to that growing list as they are releasing a music-based sci-fi combat title later this year, called Aaero. Mad Fellows have been busy polishing game mechanics and have found some time to […]

Xbox set for space survival in Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn

There has been a glut of great first-person space based titles recently. Publisher Reverb Inc and developer Fenix Fire have today announced one of their very own. Osiris: New Dawn is billed as a terrifying space survival title. The partnership have revealed that the title will release initially on Steam Early Access on the 28th […]

Fenix Furia to unleash fury in June

Fenix Furia

It’s been teased for a few months now. It’s even suffered a name change. Developer, Green Lava Studios and their publishing partner, Reverb Triple XP have finally announced the release date for Fenix Furia. The good news is, it’s closer than you think. Formerly known as Fenix Rage, the title will thrust players into new […]

Project Root review

Shoot-em-ups were one of my favorite things to play in the days of old when games where harder than the walls in your house. Just seeing loads of bullets on the screen and being able to barely dodge while dishing out punishment was one of the better ways to spend an afternoon. The sound and trailer of […]

Project Root blasts off with new launch trailer

Reverb Triple XP and OPQAM have finally released their ode to the shoot ’em up of yesteryear, Project Root, on the Xbox One and have released an action-packed launch trailer to mark the event. We previewed the game earlier in the month and an initially fabulous experience it is too. Look out for our full […]

Get carried away with Tinertia

If I told you that there’s a platformer coming out without an option to jump, you’d think I was more bonkers than you already think I am. Well, check out the trailer below, for Candescent Games’ new space platformer, Tinertia, as it has exactly that; no jump button. You play as lonely robot Weldon, stranded […]

Project Root preview

I love a good old fashioned shoot ‘em up. I was brought up on a gaming diet of Battle Squadron, Xenon 2, R-Type & S.W.I.V. They were the pinnacle of vehicle-based shooters back in the day and were complimented by a whole host of others that I could mention, and probably will during the course […]

Project Root release date confirmed

Back in mid-December we brought you news of an exciting new, old-school style shoot em up called Project Root. At that time, it had only just been announced and was coming soon. Well, soon is nearly here as this Xenon, Battle Squadron, SWIV and no doubt whole host of other game inspired shooter will be […]