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Ride to Hell Retribution Review of a Sort

Published by Deep Silver and developed by EutchnyX, Ride to Hell Retribution is everything you just do not want from a videogame. Riddled with texture pop-ins, bad design, repeated use of assets time and time again, sexism, fully clothed sex scenes; I could go on and on – and for some infuriating reason a requirement […]

Your Bike, your choice

The opportunities are almost endless: In Deep Silver’s upcoming action game Ride to Hell: Retribution, players can create their own personal motorcycle from a large variety of different parts within the game. From the engine to the handle bars, almost every part of the bike can be adapted to their taste – and make it […]

Ride to Hell: Route 666

Grab your crew and take them on a thrilling ride: Deep Silver reveals new details on Ride to Hell: Route 666 Ride to Hell: Route 666 is set within the Ride to Hell universe, a world of bare-knuckle violence, and rip-roaring motorcycles. Later this year the setting will be extended by two further titles featuring […]

Ride to Hell: Retribution

Revenge is a dish best served smoking hot! Deep Silver have provided us a new trailer for Ride to Hell: Retribution. In this upcoming action game, Jake Conway takes no prisoners in his search for justice. Ride to Hell: Retribution takes players on a trip into a world set in the 1960’s, dominated by motorcycle […]