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Risen 2: Dark Waters – Mood Trailer

Deep Silver today released a new trailer revealing the beautiful sunset over Arborea in the Southern Seas as seen in the stunning game world of Risen 2: Dark Waters.

Risen 2 Delayed on Consoles Until August 3

Deep Silver today announced new release dates for Risen 2: Dark Waters on consoles. The pirate RPG will now board store shelves on 3rd August in Europe.

The Making Of Risen 2 – Fighting & Dirty Tricks

Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes today released another episode in the ‘Making of Risen 2’ and is shown below as taken from the Official Youtube Channel of Risen 2.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Receives Limited Edition Treatment

Deep Silver has today announced the limited Collector’s Edition of Risen 2: Dark Waters on the Xbox 360 that will be released in the UK on April 27th 2012 alongside the standard edition of the game.