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88 Heroes review

88 heroes have 88 minutes to get through 88 levels to defeat Dr H8 and save the world. The only problem… some of the heroes are a bit on the rubbish side.

Rising Star Games present a chaotic retro 2D side scroller reminiscent of Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner from the 8-bit era of gaming. With each hero randomly generated, there’s a wide roster of possible characters with increasingly odd, occasionally surreal abilities that may help, or not, your progress.

Each objective seems simple at first – get from one part of the level to the other, defeating the bad guys, overcoming obstacles and leaving through the door. What makes this frantic is that one slip will see you killed and a new hero generated – and this is where the greatness happens.

88 Heroes

There are enemies with ranged attacks – bullets, rockets and the like – which will help you defeat the roaming bad guys at a distance; whilst others have melee attacks, perfect for those edge of the seat moments as, get too close to the thing you want to hit, and you’re dead. Others don’t have an attack at all, so the jump button will be frantically mashed as you dart around, hoping to get away.

As you move through the rooms, it gets progressively more complex and never loses the “one more try” feel, even as you watch your 88 heroes perish before your eyes. It’s almost like having your own disposable society and you’ll regret losing the last one when he’s replaced by the next more often than you’d think!

You’re not likely to beat the game with all your roster intact, though it’s plenty of fun trying. Moreso when you take into account the Magnificent 8 mode. This allows you to choose from your eight favourites and the Solo mode (allowing you to choose your favourite hero) also adds longevity to the game and will keep you coming back to try different combinations.

88 Heroes

If there’s a shortcoming in the game, it’ll be that, for some players, it’ll be frustrating.  Dying because of a mistimed jump, dash or just plain bad luck is fun at first, but may stop the more casual player from continuing. That being said, it regularly saves so you’re never going to be back in Room 1, unless you start all over again.

Handsomely crafted and instantly recognisable pop culture pastiches and a relatively simplistic, but deviously complex level layout are the hallmarks of this game. For those who have played Bro Force, it’ll be easy to get into, whilst anyone familiar with side-scrollers will also have no problem adapting to the game play. There’s even a feeling that it’d be a great party game, passing the controller around at each death and mocking your friends as they die before your very eyes (in the game, of course).

88 Heroes

With promises of more characters and the extended game options, there’s plenty of potential in 88 Heroes to be a go-to game when you just want a quick blast on something to sate that gaming appetite.

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Xbox has 88 Heroes incoming soon

88 Heroes

Dust off your capes, get those mild-mannered disguises stowed away, Rising Star Games have announced a release date for Bitmap Bureau’s 2D chaotic platformer, 88 Heroes.

88 Heroes is a furiously frantic, funny and fan-pleasing platformer. Offering fast, frenetic action played with 88 unique and original playable characters, each with their own skills and abilities. These may help or hinder your progress, so be sure to choose wisely. Packed with hilarious content and nerd-culture references, 88 Heroes offers a constant challenge as each new hero will dramatically change how you will play through each of the 88 levels.

Being a 2D chaotic platformer, the game is as fun to watch as it is to play, where each level completed, or untimely death, brings a new uniquely skilled hero into action. These heroes are randomly selected with each play, meaning players will always face a fresh and varied challenge. Conquer the four zones, each with it’s own unique boss encounter, or play one of the multiple game modes which include; Magnificent 8 mode – choose a team of just eight heroes to tackle the entire game with; Solo mode – pick just a single hero and master their skills in order to survive as long as super-humanly possible.

With just 88 minutes to complete all 88 levels, players will need every one of the 88 Heroes to stop the dastardly Dr. H8 from destroying the Earth, in this game, built with the Super House of Dead Ninjas game engine.

88 Heroes will see a digital release for Xbox One on the 24th of March.

Lumo promises to light the way


I know that I bang on a bit about how good games were in the days of the Amstrad CPC system, Sinclair’s Spectrum and Commodore’s C64. The games looked and played fantastically for the time. Rising Star Games are looking to revive the gameplay of the games of yesteryear, by teaming up with Triple Eh? Ltd to bring Lumo to Xbox One next year.

They’re already confident about how well this title will be received, billing it as the first great game of 2016.

Lumo is a 2-D isometric adventure, with over 400 rooms to explore, puzzles and secrets to discover, it promises to be simply one of the great games of 2016. Triple Eh? Ltd’s Gareth Noyce is the mind behind Lumo and it’s a nod to the classic golden age of British game development.

If you’re lucky enough to be off to EGX in Birmingham, UK from 24th-27th of September, then you can see Lumo in the digital flesh at the Rising Star Booth in the Rezzed Zone. Can you play it while you’re there? Yes, yes you can.

Here’s an early trailer, when the title was initially only coming out on PC and MAC. Thanks to the publishing deal Rising Star have with Triple Eh?, it’s now coming to Xbox One early in 2016.

Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition Review

Any dedicated and truly sentimental Sega Dreamcast owner might remember some time ago; around early 2006 to be precise that “Under Defeat” a vertical scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up from developers G.Revolution was rumoured to be the final release for the short lived console. By that time the Xbox 360 was well and truly launched that took the world by storm with its high definition console gaming genius and improved Xbox LIVE functionality – the Sega Dreamcast was beyond the point of no return and destined for console heaven in many a gamers loft or basement. Continue reading Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition Review