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Road Rage review

When it was announced that the Xbox was getting a Road Rage title, it brought memories flooding back of bikers and their machines laid out on the floor, I had the best fun playing the original game on the Mega Drive. 26 year later, could Maximum Games reignite my live for the game? In truth, not really, though it’s not all bad.

Let’s start with the story. Apparently the world has gone to pot, civilisation has fought back against greedy corporations and now the city of Ashen is now run by gangs of bikers, you happen to play one of them. One of the first things you’ll be involved in is a race, once that has been completed you receive a phone call for the next event, this keeps happening until the world suddenly becomes populated with things to do.

This is one of Road Rage’s plus points, there is plenty of variety to keep you interested. Stunt races were a particular favourite, as were the assassination races, where you are given a target to hunt down and kill. There are checkpoint, elimination and arcade races too, so you are never without something else to try. Winning races earns you cash and the ability to purchase upgrades to your bike and weapons, you can also buy brand new bikes if you wish. Over time you’ll need to buy new machines as some races have requirements for a particular bike. There are some awesome weapons to get hold of including Golf Clubs, Chains and Iron Bars.

But what are the bikes like to drive? I found the bike handling a little odd at first, I didn’t get a real sense of being on the road, it was more like I was skating. Crashing was inconsistent, one minute you could hit a car full on and be fine but clipping a car would send you flying down the road. There were a few occasions where the you would literally slide for 5 to 6 city block before the game would respawn you! 

Driving against the AI was quite good, although most of the time you would beat them easily, they were competitive and you always felt like you were in a race. It was good fun battling against them to try and knock them off their bikes. One of the achievements in the game is to knock down pedestrians with your weapons, its quite amusing to drive on the pavement and watch in slow motion as you swing and send an innocent bystander flying with a bat to back back.

I was pleasantly surprised how how good the game looks, although the city itself is fairly bland, there are some great lighting effects, which make the bikes and their riders look excellent, it’s let down by the the poor mobile phone graphics and the map which is a pain to navigate.

Road Rage is not going to be grabbing any game awards any time soon, but if you want a bike games with a little bit of an edge to it, Road Rage can certainly fill that gap.

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Road Rage gets an official release date

Road Rash is coming back to consoles on October 24, well… kind of. Road Rage, published by Maximum Games and developed by independent Team6 Game Studios, is inspired by Road Rash and is the closest we may get to seeing the motorcycle brawler return to console.

Road Rage is an open-world city that is run by underground gangs intent on pummelling each other while riding at high speed on two wheels and over 90 missions, which include both story-driven and side mission objectives.

You can preorder Road Rage from your favourite retailer for £19.99 / €29.99.

Explore the violent world of Road Rage

Road Rage

If you look at the list of games that Maximum Games have produced, you’ll see that it’s pretty impressive. From WRC titles to Sniper Elite, they’ve covered pretty much every genre going. They have a new title on the way, however, and it will introduce you to a time more akin to an episode of Sons of Anarchy than anything else. That title is Road Rage, and it looks amazing.

Road Rage is an open world, melee based combat game, on motorcycles. Set in the massive city of Ashen, players will fight for control of huge neighbourhoods on behalf of your biker gang.

The outward beauty of Ashen belies the dangerous underbelly of the motorcycle gangs that rule it’s streets. From the city of Chitaly to the suburbs of Ruscago, you will need to explore, race and battle for control of the expansive areas of Ashen. If you want to survive and advance from ‘prospect’ within your gang, you’ll need to be ruthless in Road Rage.

In the new trailer, below, for Road Rage, Maximum Games looks at the story involved, the environment and some of the missions you’ll be charged with. This gives you a nice overview of what you can expect when you’re initiated into your gang.

So, Road Rage will boast heavy melee-based combat racing that also promises an adrenaline-pumping motorcycle ride for all. Expect 42 story-based missions and over 50 side-missions as Reef Jackson, the newest member of the outlaw biker club controlling the underground in Ashen. Don’t expect limits in the game either. There simply aren’t any and it is all open-world. You’re free to explore, customise bikes and weapons and fight your way to be ruler of the road.

Road Rage is in development from Team 6, published by Maximum Games. Expect the gang to be unleashed on Xbox One, both physically and digitally, from the 15th of November.

It promises to make SAMCRO look like a knitting club.


Maximum games reveal exciting lineup

Maximum Games have announced their complete lineup of titles to be showcased during this year’s E3, including the extreme action snowboarding game, Mark McMorris Infinite Air, the motorcycle-based combat racing game, Road Rage, Troll & I, and adventure survival game & The Golf Club 2.

Troll & I – PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC – Early 2017

Troll & I is a game about adventure, survival and unlikely friendship. Troll & I features a compelling and progressive storyline as players will control Otto, a young boy forced to escape his destroyed village, and his companion, a mighty Troll. Together, they embark on a journey through the dense, harsh and unforgiving forest in a quest to defeat the hunters threatening their homeland.

For more information about Troll & I, please visit: http://www.trollandi.com/.


The Golf Club 2 – [PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC – Early 2017]

The highly anticipated sequel to the successful original title, The Golf Club 2 will continue to expand upon all of the highly acclaimed qualities the original is well-known for. Aiming to build the strongest, most accessible golf game so far, The Golf Club 2 offers multiplayer features, a new Career mode, and limitless customisation, allowing players to rise to fame in a vibrant, virtual golfing community.

Mark McMorris Infinite Air – [PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC – Autumn 2016]

Infinite Air is the first open-world, physics-based snowboarding video game built in partnership and close collaboration with top pro-snowboarder Mark McMorris. Infinite Air infuses the hyper-realistic experience of snowboarding with the thrill of achieving massive air in real-world competitions such as Slopestyle and Halfpipe. Players will explore a vast backcountry and compete against friends, building and riding their own terrain parks and carving first tracks in pristine powder. Featuring procedural mountain generation and a full feature editor, creationists can dive into the near infinite options to create and share their ultimate runs!

For more information about Infinite Air, please visit: http://www.infiniteairgame.com.

Road Rage – [PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC – Autumn 2016]

Road Rage boasts heavy melee-based combat racing that promises a pure adrenaline motorcycle ride for all. Featuring 42 story-based missions, players must take the helm as Ace, the newest member of the outlaw motorcycle club controlling underground crime in the city of Ashen. There are absolutely no limits in Road Rage: ride through a vastly open-world environment, play 11 distinct characters, customize your bikes and weapons, and rise to the top of the motorcycle clan!

For more information about Road Rage, please visit www.road-rage-the-game.com.

I can’t wait to get hold of Road Rage, any titles take your fancy?