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Rogue Trooper Redux releasing on October 17th on PS4/Xbox/Switch/PC

Rogue Trooper Redux is coming to all platforms this month, and the US Nintendo Switch version will be released in sync with the other console versions. The Switch version was originally slated to release soon after other platforms, but it has now finished ahead of schedule according to developer Rebellion.

Rebellion has revealed that Rogue Trooper Redux will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC globally and on Nintendo Switch in North America on October 17th. The Switch edition for Europe and other territories is also targeted for October 17th, and a final release date will be confirmed soon.

A brand new ‘101’ trailer has also been released, showcasing the pioneering third-person gameplay and features that made the original a cult classic, offering new fans a thorough debrief on the game’s universe, campaign, modes, and the unique biochip abilities that make Rogue a one-man army.

Featuring all-new gameplay footage, the 101 trailer digs deep into the game’s timeless features and action, including:

  • A BAFTA-nominated story faithful to the 2000 AD comic and universe of the same name.
  • A thrilling singleplayer campaign blending stealth, action, cover-based shooting and epic set pieces.
  • Tactical smarts: Listen out for Helm’s strategic advice and confuse the enemy with distractions and holodecoys.
  • Withering firepower: Transform Rogue’s sentient rifle Gunnar into a sentry gun, sniper rifle, mortar, missile launcher and more.
  • Powerful upgrades: Collect salvage to upgrade weapons and order Bagman to manufacture explosives under fire.
  • Two intense co-op modes for 2-4 players online.

And the best news of all is that Rogue Trooper redux will only set you back £20 at launch!

Rebellion teases a return to Nu Earth in Rogue Trooper Redux


Back in 2006, Rebellion teamed up with 2000AD to bring everybody’s favourite blue-skinned GI to life on the original Xbox and PS2. Rogue Trooper mixed the cult 2000AD comic-book world with the latest gaming technologies of the time, in a tactical, cover-based third-person shooter. Indeed, Rebellion are widely regarded as bringing this particular genre to the forefront of gaming experiences with that particular title. It looks like Rebellion are back, with a Nu Earth sized bang and they have released a teaser video for a GI’s return in Rogue Trooper Redux.

This new title will remaster the original classic for a new generation of players, taking them to the chem-blasted battlefields of Nu Earth. Rogue, a bio-engineered Genetic Infantryman, or GI, is immune to the planet’s toxic atmosphere and is also the last soldier standing against the colonial Nort regime. Carrying three fallen comrades as biochips in his equipment, Rogue is a one-unit squad of death and destruction. He’s got only one thing on his mind. Revenge.

Rogue Trooper Redux is being developed in partnership with UK studio, TickTock Games, with Rebellion acting as publisher. This makes it the first 2000AD game developed outside of Rebellion. It also opens up the potential of even more 2000AD games being picked up by other developers, especially seeing as Rebellion have announced it will open up it’s comic-based IP to other studios.

TickTock Games have handled releases such as Team17’s Superfrog HD and Worms 2: Armageddon among others, and although this does appear to be their first foray into the Xbox development sphere, the West Yorkshire-based studio does boast a wealth of experience.

At the moment, the logo and the teaser video are pretty much all that’s been revealed, but you can bet that we’ll bring you further developing news of Rogue Trooper Redux as it is released.