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Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition review

In the year 2048 the world is on the brink of total alien destruction. In trying to stop this, BunnyLord, a giant purple bunny, travels back in time with the intention of stopping it by running for Mayor. Weird I know, but instead of speeches and debates BunnyLord has decided to take his approach slightly differently by ridding the entire city of crime in the only way he knows, violently. Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition takes you through BunnyLords electoral campaign for Mayor as he wins the hearts and votes of the city in the most explosive and gun-toting way possible.

Not a Hero: Super Snazzy Edition is the console release of Roll7’s frantic yet funny pixel side scrolling shooter and between them and Team 17 they have added just that little extra something. Taking the role of BunnyLords campaign manager Steve, imagine the Danny Dyer of pixel games, you blast and slide your way through various levels to your main aim. This could be simply kill everyone or in some cases switching on a giant billboard or picking up some ghetto blasters. Whichever one you get though they are all as mad as the giant purple anthropomorphic rabbit you work for. Along with the main goal there are also 3 side missions to complete and even though they are not required to complete the level the better you do the more votes BunnyLord gets in his race for Mayor. As a result of this more Henchman campaign staff members join your efforts allowing you to select different characters and traits for different missions.

Not a Hero Character Selection

Each of the 9 unlockable characters brings its own style and humour to the game. Steve for instance or Danny D as we call him here, slides through the level blasting everything in sight with his pistol, Mike has huge firepower but can only fire twice and Jesus has huge amounts of ammo but accuracy is poor. This brings a decision to the game about what character you want to play and as each one has its pro’s and cons you are going to want to try each one to find your favourite. Personally you should try each one if not to just hear their witty banter in the selection screen.

The controls are what you expect from this sort of side scrolling game with a nice and simple feel to them. Moving left and right with the thumbstick moves your characters left and right along the corridors. Pushing up and down allows your character to climb up and down stairs and with the main buttons mapped to fire, special weapons, reload and slide you soon find yourself leaping off ledges, smashing through windows and gunning down everyone in sight before bundling into the back of the BunnyLords black transit van shouting “go, go, go”. If you are still unsure though the excellent tutorial will take you through the first couple of levels to ease you in, as long as you think running around like a maniac frantically killing everything in sight is a good way to start.

Not A Hero Steve

As I mentioned earlier the side scrolling 2D pixel isn’t for everyone but I have to say the graphics look amazing. The fact that you have a wide-screen view of the level means you can plan your next move carefully ensuring maximum carnage and even though the characters are small on the screen they still come across larger than life and with maximum impact. Every explosion, gunshot and execution just makes you come back for more and personally I found it hard to put the game down because of this.

The main game itself features 28 levels of high octane gun shooting madness but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The game really provides a challenge that will leave you frustrated at times due to the lack of save points on a mission (there is a couple but they are far and few between). However, the fact that you can replay the missions with any of your unlockable characters really does give the game a sense of replayability. It doesn’t end there though and Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition also comes with 3 new missions under the title of “ME, MYSELF & BUNNYLORD”. Here you can play as the machine gun carrying BunnyLord himself, as you finally get to take matters into your own hands. Add to this huge amounts of hidden secrets within the game, and you wont want to put this down for months.

Not a hero BunnyLord Missions

Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition brings fast gun blazing action and coarse humour to a side scrolling shooter and personally I think it works brilliantly. If you are looking for T and cake with your nan this isn’t for you, but if you are looking for adrenalin fueled carnage packed full of SWAT teams, gun-toting elderly, helicopter gunships, pandas, pugs and suicidal samurai’s at a really great price then grab it by both ears don’t forget to say hi to Steve (Danny D) for us.  This is one game that will stay on my console for a long time.

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Olli Olli 2 XL Edition

If you had a chance to read my Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 review, then you would already understand how much I enjoy skating games. A genre which isn’t as popular as it once was, and one which doesn’t really represent like it used to in the games industry. Skating games have gone through many phases over the years, from arcadey titles such as the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, to more realistic ones such as EA’s Skate, but a new contender is ready to bring skateboarding back to consoles.

Roll7 came kick flipping their way into the limelight back in 2014 with the incredibly popular Olli Olli, a skateboarding title that promised to bring back the fun and excitement of the original skateboarding games but with a retro make over. Roll7 are back with the highly anticipated sequel to Olli Olli, with Olli Olli 2 XL Edition.


The aim of the game with Welcome to Olliwood is to score big. Utilising a catalogue of flips, grinds, and twists, you must use these in various combinations to get there. You start off with a limited skillset, creating small combinations which net a fairly pitiful score, but as you progress more tricks and combo extenders are unlocked. You start off with the basics, ollies, nollies, grinds, basic flips, but as you progress through each stage, you learn how to do more advanced tricks. Just by playing through the first level set, you soon learn how to chain ollie flips with grinds, how best to land them for the optimal score. From there you learn about manuals, which allow you to chain flips, grinds, and grabs to create massive combos. I really liked the way that Olli Olli 2 doesn’t offer everything on a plate to you, and doesn’t overwhelm you with technicalities.

Of course, all is well if you can land a trick, but the key to get the perfect execution. Doing so will net you the biggest amount of points you can get for that particular flip or grind. Olli Olli has always been very good at not penalising the player too much when it comes to less than perfect execution. Each jump, grind, or manual is rated from sloppy to perfect depending on timing of the landing, and how well you execute the trick. The longer you play, the easier it becomes to develop the timing and flow to get that string of perfects, or to really increase your score.olliolli2gameplay1

Of course, progression isn’t just based on score, but each level has specific tasks you must complete to unlock the next. Ranging from collecting random objects, grinding specific rails, or performing a set number of specific tricks. These add an extra layer to the gameplay, which encourages you to keep coming back to earn those five stars for each level.

There are a total of five different level sets to kickflip and darkslide your way through, each having their own unique style and challenges. You start your journey in Olliwood, making your way through Curse of the Aztec, Gunmetal Creek, and Carnival of the Dead, before you face your biggest challenges in Titan Sky. If that’s not enough to keep you busy, there is also a total of six different game modes to work through: Career, Spots, Skatepark, Free-Skate, Combo-Rush, and Daily Grind. The two less obvious modes, Combo-Rush and Daily Grind, offer a more competitive edge to your skateboarding. Combo-Rush is a brand new mode introduced in Olli Olli 2 XL which allows four local players to go into splitscreen skateboard combat for the highest score; perfect for those friendly get togethers around the TV. Daily Grind is a 24 hour challenge to obtain the highest score you can, and see how far up the global leaderboard you can get.


That was one thing I missed though, and that was friend leaderboards. It’s such a shame that Olli Olli 2 doesn’t allow you to compete with your friends online, and only has global leaderboards. I personally love nothing more than trying to knock my friends off of the top of the board, even it’s only for five minutes.

The visual style of Olli Olli 2 XL Edition is really quite beautiful. It’s a simple 2D style which suits the arcade style beautifully. It’s a visual improvement over the original Olli Olli, and is much smoother and brighter. Each of the different level sets have their own personality and style, and really stand out from one another. The soundtrack is equally gorgeous, and the energetic electronica style flows really nicely with the gameplay, helping you land those perfect flips and grinds.

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Team17 and Roll7 bringing OlliOlli2 and NOT A HERO to Xbox One

Later this year, Team17 will be publishing Roll7’s hit titles OlliOlli2 and NOT A HERO on Xbox one.

The 2D side-scrolling skating game OlliOlli has already hit the Xbox One and embedded itself in players hearts. OlliOlli2 will launch as OlliOlli2: XL Edition bring even more finger-flippin’ mayhem. you’ll also be able to play the all new and highly requested fan feature – FreeSkate mode. as well enjoy a whole set of new moves, levels and worlds, 50 all new Amateur and Pro Levels and an additional 250 new challenges, as well as the local multiplayer split screen mode, Combo Rush.

OlliOlli has been a staple break time game of choice in the office for a long time, so we’re very much looking forward to joining forces with the talented Roll7. 7 and 17 have always been incredibly lucky numbers for us and so this partnership will definitely be a force to be reckoned with! We can’t wait to help them release the definitive editions of their hit games on Xbox One to bring the titles to the huge Xbox One audience

said Debbie Bestwick, Team17’s CEO

If anthropomorphic purple rabbits are more to your liking then NOT A HERO: SUPER SNAZZY EDITIONwill eb right up your alley. This definitive version includes all new exclusive content titled “Me, Myself and Bunnylord” which features 3 brand new exclusive levels, each with 4 unique, surreal side missions. This new content also allows you to play as the BunnyLord himself for the first time and features a host of new baddies, settings and objectives.

OlliOlli2 1NOT A HERO 1

OlliOlli review

Having started out as a PS Vita exclusive, OlliOlli has now made its way over to Xbox One, and don’t let it’s minimalist, austere aesthetic fool you, this is a meticulously crafted and compelling, twitch reaction romp in the guise of a skateboarding game.

OlliOlli’s 2D, side-scrolling perspective, washed out colours and 8 bit style are a seldom seen scene for skateboarding games, but it all comes together spectacularly. It looks understated and tame but hides a devilishly difficult experience that’s hard to put down.

olliolli 2

It all seems so simple: You’re goal is to complete each short course, stringing together tricks and grinds to finish with the highest score you can, but achieving this is a remarkably tricky task. Tricks are pulled off with the usual quarter turns and so forth of the left analogue stick, meanwhile, the trigger buttons let you spin, however, jumping and grinding is also tied to the analogue stick, where holding a direction activates a grind and releasing the stick performs a jump. The A button is reserved to achieving a smooth landing, which is the only way to bank the points you may have accumulated through tricks and grinds. It’s an odd control system that feels supremely alien for the first 30 minutes or so. You need to relearn how to use a controller, and how to read obstacles on-screen. To begin with the strange controls dull your reaction times considerable and makes for dozens of failed attempts.

It does eventually click but it’s a humbling experience before it does. Tricks feel risky and intractable; it’s a gamble to try pulling one off in the limited time you’re airborne. And landing becomes crucial, not only because it dictates your score but also because falling off your board resets the level for you to try it all over again. You have one life, so to speak, per run, and you can feel the dread of failure and the presence of mortality far more so than in many other titles on the market. It’s a peculiar feeling but absolutely a welcoming one; OlliOlli feels unique and intense.

olliolli 1

Restarting the level after a fall is practically instant; additionally you can reset yourself at the press of a button. It shares similarities to the Trails titles, in that it’s built upon a high score setting mentality with fast paced skill runs. Where it greatly differs is with its visual austerity. Backgrounds are basic and washed out; meanwhile, foreground objects aren’t much more prominent. It works well at keeping you focused, providing enough visual cues for you to performs your jumps, grinds and trick but not distracting you with superfluous animations. It’s very well designed. This is also evident from the make-up of each level, whether you’re grinding through the streets of an urban environment, a port, junkyard, or neon city, the placements of obstacles, jumps and grindable surfaces are like a single, flowing track rather than a collection of separate objects.

50 levels over five locations make up the primary mode; however, reaching the end of each level in one piece isn’t your only concern. Each level also challenges you to complete specific objectives, these involve performing certain tricks, achieving a specific score, or stringing together a certain combo length, and so on. Complete them all on a level and you’ll unlock the pro run challenge, complete that and you unlock and even harder Rad run. Furthermore, Spots mode challenges you to perform the highest score you can on individual, specific sections of the levels against an online leaderboard. Finally, Daily Grind pits you once again against online adversaries through a leaderboard at achieving the highest score on a randomly chosen level. You can practice on this level as much as you like but once you commit to a ‘real’ run then that score will be uploaded, with no chances to submit another. 24 hours later and a new challenge awaits.

olliolli 3

OlliOlli is a difficult game that plays you against risk vs. reward expertly through its tight mechanics, controls, and level design. The Daily Grind asynchronous multiplayer is a great way to encourage replay even after you’ve mastered the 50 levels, and the chasing of higher and higher scores is a compelling experience. The achievement list is a bit on the small side and it can get frustrating during your initial time learning the controls, but when it all clicks it’s remarkably hard to put down.

Thanks to Curve Digital for supplying TiX with a download code

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OlliOlli grinding onto Xbox One mid-March


Grease up your trucks and adjust your elbow pads, it’s time to go skate.

Back in December smash console hit, OlliOlli was announced for Xbox One. Today publisher Curve Digital have confirmed that you won’t have to wait too much longer to get your hands on it, finally, for your beloved Xbox One.

In mid-March, you will be able to grind your way to that high score, go kick-to-heel flip and boardslide down any rail you can find.

You’ll also be able to play all the wild modes from any console release, including the Daily Grind and the massively tricky RAD Mode.

Simon Bennett from developer Roll7 was understandably upbeat,

We’re really glad that Xbox owners finally have a version of OlliOlli to call their own. We’ve always seen OlliOlli as a game for everyone and with Curve’s versions, now it totally can be.

Here’s the release teaser trailer for those of us who haven’t had the pleasure yet.

OlliOlli coming to Xbox One


Earlier today we received word that the self proclaimed, notorious street thugs Curve Digital and Roll7 have announced a new collaboration ; OlliOlli. OlliOlli is a finger-skate-em-up aiming to kick-flip itself over your couches and grind all up on your Xbox One in 2015. Seriously – I’ll be claiming for any damages!

For the seriously out-of-touch, OlliOlli is a 2D side-scrolling skateboard game crafted by Roll7 from a solid block of pure raditude. This ain’t your grandpa’s skating game – OlliOlli throws you feet first into high-risk, high-reward skate lines where ‘just one more trick’ can mean the difference between pulling off a gnarly combo and becoming just a smear on the concrete.

Players will be tearing up over 250 challenges across 100 levels, utilizing the 120+ tricks at their disposal as they compete for the highest score amongst their peers and other skater strangers.

Previously released for Sony consoles, all of the wild features return in full for the new versions, such as all four game modes, including the nails-hard RAD mode and the Daily Grind, which sees players worldwide competing on the same line for the highest score possible.

The game’s release is scheduled for early 2015, when you can finally pop shove-it into your Xbox One. As always, keep an eye on ThisisXbox for new details as we get them.