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NBA Playgrounds Coming to Xbox in May!

This news writer was squealing with delight when NBA Playgrounds was announced for the Xbox One, not only because I played LOADS of NBA Jam/NBA Street back in the day, but also because its coming NEXT MONTH!

NBA Playgrounds is officially licensed by the NBA and not only features all teams and players, but also older retired players, and features solo, local and online multiplayer modes.

NBA Playground is developed by Saber Interactive, and their CEO Matt Karch calls it accessible enough for anyone to pick up and play, but it still has “a lot of depth for hardcore pros who’ve mastered their game.”

This news writer is so excited he is already pitching his tent outside the Editor-In-Chiefs house in order to secure the review!

Gaming giant Miniclip enters console market

Miniclip, a world leader in mobile titles will put it’s skills to the test as it enters the console market with the release of it’s arcade-style motorcross game, MX Nitro. Developed by Saber Interactive, MX Nitro puts players in to the fast-paced and white-knuckle world of motorcross.

Spanning more than 40 tracks from across the globe, MX Nitro features: career mode, asynchronous multiplayer, hardcore bosses, unique bikes, crazy stunts, bike and rider customisation, challenges and achievements… all to a rockin’ soundtrack!

When asked about the entrance into the console and PC market, Rob Small CEO of Miniclip commented “We are very excited about the release of MX Nitro and can’t wait for fans to play one of our games on consoles & PC for the first time. It represents another huge step for Miniclip and a fantastic start to 2017. We hope that MX Nitro will be a big hit with its combination of speed, stunts and spectacular crashes.

Some of the main features in MX Nitro will be;


  • Single Player Mode
  • Async Multiplayer Mode


  • PvP with other players’ ghosts
  • 13 Hardcore Bosses
  • More than 40 tracks from around the globe
  • 5 Unique Bikes
  • 55 Crazy Stunts
  • Solo Campaign and multiplayer
  • Bike and rider customization
  • Challenges and achievements
  • Hard Rockin’ Soundtrack

MX Nitro will be available for Xbox One and PC on February 14th. For further information about MX Nitro, check out the official site here.