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Sea Of Thieves Scale Test running AGAIN on 2nd to 4th March

With only 19 days – 19 DAYS!!! – until release Rare have announced that the Scale Test will be running again this weekend, from Friday 2nd March to Sunday 4th March. There will be no new features in this build but your progress from last weekend will be saved.

For more details on the scale test check out the official blog.

The latest episode of the Inn-side videos has also been released, this time giving details of the customisation available to your ship and your pirate.

Its great to see that there will be a multitude of customisation available for not only your pirate, including hooks for hands and peg-legs, but also being able to change the figurehead on your ship, and your sails!

19 DAYS!

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Sea Of Thieves Skeleton Fort Encounters detailed

Another Sea Of Thieves Scale Test for 23rd to 25th February

Rejoice, drink grog, fire yourself out of a cannon! Yes, there is yet another chance to play Sea Of Thieves before its release on March 20th, as Rare have announced a second Scale Test happening this weekend from 10am GMT on February 23rd to 10am on 25th. The astute amongst you will realise that it’s available NOW, so get sailing Pirates!

This test will be very similar to last weekend, with no new features planned, just a continuation of the testing so expect a few bugs and server issues if you do decide to jump in. More details on the Sea of Thieves blog.

This next scale test comes after the news earlier this week detailing one of the world events that will be in the full release, the Skeleton Forts.