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After Burner Climax to be pulled from XBLA

That’s right, the iconic jet shooter is to lose it’s XBLA status from December the 24th on Xbox 360.  The arcade-port, which has been available since 2010, is thought to be suffering the same fate as Sega’s Outrun Online, where a licensing agreement expired. In Outrun’s case it was the agreement with Ferrari, in After […]

Alien: Isolation new DLC released

Sega have detailed and released the next in the series of DLC available for the terror-inducing Alien: Isolation. Called Trauma, this features 3 brand new maps for Survivor Mode and a new character, Chief Medical Officer Lingard, to encourage to soil themselves as you get to crawl through the vents of Sevastopol Station. Hide from, […]

SEGA Restructuring and Cancelling Development of Titles

It was announced today by SegaSammy Holdings, SEGA’s parent company, that due to more than an expected seven billion yen in losses for the year as at March 2012, there is to be restructuring within the organisation as well the cancellation of future SEGA developments in progress.