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SEGA Announce Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD Remake

Castle of Illusion Logo

You may remember at the start of March we announced that SEGA’s Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse was outed by a Brazilian ratings board.  Well now SEGA and Disney Interactive have finally come out with the official announcement for the old Megadrive Classic Continue reading SEGA Announce Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD Remake

ThisisXbox Top Ten: Video Game Companions

After having spent some time playing the astounding Bioshock Infinite (which we scored a staggering 10/10), it got us thinking about about Elizabeth’s character. Is she the perfect companion? We thought we’d run through gaming’s most extravagant companions to see how she would stack up to the rest. We define a companion as either an AI controlled partner or just someone talking down a headset to help enhance the story and your objectives.

Let’s run down the top 10 right now.



Rush (Megaman 3, 1990)



Rush is Megaman’s trusty robotic dog who would appear to help Megaman get past tricky obstacles by using his ability to transform into a submarine and by using his springboard coil to bounce extremely high. Rush has appeared in almost every Megaman game since and has also made a handful of cameos in several Capcom fighters.



Captain John Price (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, 2007)

Captain PriceIf you were ever asked to name one Call of Duty character, 9 times out of 10 you would name Captain Price. A former member of the SAS, Captain Price is a no-nonsense soldier that alongside Soap MacTavish, goes through hell to stop the man who initiated World War III, Vladimir Makarov. Captain Price’s quick quips and charming British narcissism makes him a favoured companion amongst this list.



Cortana (Halo: Combat Evolved, 2001)



Cortana is a digitized clone of Dr. Elizabeth Halsey, who became centric to the Halo universe since the beginning. Guiding Master Chief on his journeys through thick and thin. Even having something of a starring role in 343’s Halo 4. Cortana is a fan-favourite amongst the Halo fandom, and it seems that she will be for a long time to come.



Claptrap (Borderlands, 2009)

ClaptrapClap Trap (CL4P-TP) is a Hyperion manufactured general purpose robot that you will often see slumming around town in the Borderlands series. His particular brand of humour which involves outdated pop-culture references and pushing dubstep upon the player, has made him accepted annoyance. Borderlands fans often speak highly of Claptrap, and it’s clear that with the unavoidable Borderlands sequels to come, Claptrap will definitely be involved.



Miles “Tails” Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 1992)

TailsTails appears to be some kind of genetically mutated fox with two tails (hehe, I get it) that give him the ability to fly. He is one of the most famous sidekicks in history, next to Robin and Luigi, he may be THE most famous sidekick. If you weren’t aware (which I astonishingly wasn’t until I was way into my 20’s) that his name is actually a play on words meaning ‘miles per hour”, you may facepalm yourself into oblivion, much like I did. Tails wormed his way into our hearts with his annoying cries of “SOOOONIIIIIIIIIC”, and he will forever live there. What a guy.



Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect, 2007)

Garrus VakarianGarrus Vakarian is the popular Turian from the Mass Effect series. A former C-Sec soldier and the most badass member of the Normandy crew, Garrus had military training at fifteen and is the crew’s resident sniper. A character so awesome, that he brushed off horrific facial scars with a witty comment like  “Ah probably for the best. They were all ignoring you and hitting on me. ‘Bout time you got a fair shot.” when referring to the lovely space ladies. Garrus is cool, calm, collective, funny, and extremely badass. It’s a shame he couldn’t be higher up the list.



GLaDOS (Portal/The Orange Box, 2007)

GLaDOSWell this is a first. An antagonist making it as a top companion. GLaDOS is the central core to the inner working of Aperture Science. The Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System lives solely to test. When the protagonist Chell awakens from a coma, GLaDOS is ready and waiting to throw test after test after test at the newly awakened mute. It is truly GLaDOS’ humour that makes this machine a top companion, the writing staff at Valve truly have created a character for the ages in this machine. They certainly couldn’t top it. or could they?

As an added extra, check out this amazing post credits song performed by GLaDOS herself.



Otacon (Metal Gear Solid, 1998)

OtaconHal Emmerich, code-named Otacon is a scientist and chief engineer of Metal Gear REX. Also best friend of Solid Snake. This relationship makes for some of the most hilarious codec conversations in the entire series. Listening to Otacon’s conversations with Snake about being trapped in compromising positions and even about Otacon urinating all over himself, means that the bond between the two makes for one of gaming’s best relationships.



Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite, 2013)

ElizabethElizabeth didn’t quite make it to number one, even though she is gaming’s most perfect companion. Her relationship with Booker DeWitt develops as the game goes on. Her frail naivety develops into a strong independence. Her knack for not just being a damsel in distress is what makes her interesting. Booker wouldn’t survive his journey in Columbia without Elizabeth, and it’s easy to see why she is one of the most popular new characters in the last few years. I would hope that her story doesn’t end with Infinite, and that there are at least some glaring references when 2K make the next installment in the series.


Well after all that, who made the number one spot? It’s tough to find a character as whole as Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth. But the number one isn’t even a good character, he makes it there for the sole reason of being the funniest character in the history of gaming. So, let’s check out who it is…


1. Wheatley (Portal 2, 2011)

WheatleyWheatley is hands down the funniest character in gaming history. Voiced by lanky Western English comedian Stephen Merchant, all of his country charm is transfused with the robot nature of a Portal robot. In Portal 2, GLaDOS is still the villain, but Wheatley is the hero that saves the day. Bringing you through several of Aperture Science’s most rigorous tests to help you defeat GLaDOS and end her reign of terror. But don’t take my word for it, just check this out.


Thanks for checking out another ThisisXbox Top 10, come back next week for our next installment.








SEGA’s Castle of Illusion Coming to XBLA


The good ol’ eagle-eyed folks at NeoGaf have spotted that SEGA’s hit Mickey Mouse game of the early 90’s, Castle of Illusion has been rated for all current-gen platforms on a Brazilian Ratings Board.


This suggests that the latest rating is a confirmation that SEGA plan to re-release a new collection of games from the Master System or Mega Drive (Genesis) era. I’m actually hoping it is the Master System version of Castle of Illusion as it was by far the most enjoyable over the Mega Drive version. SEGA has not confirmed anything as of yet, but expect more details in the coming weeks.

Here’s a reminder of the Master System version released in 1990.

Aliens Colonial Marines Review


Taking on the Aliens franchise for any developer was never going to be an easy feat due to the success of the movies, and the general consensus that anything remotely related to ‘Aliens’ would send a tingle of fear down anyone’s spine. There’s nothing more true in the words I’d like to say how amazing SEGA and Gearbox has developed Aliens Colonial Marines as a first person shooter – but quite frankly on first appearances it looks plain old and best compared to an early Xbox 360 game rather than something more recent. However, as the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover”; or in this case the misleading marketing hype and screens prior to launch.

Sadly, Aliens Colonial Marines is just not scary; having been dealt this miserable blow from Dead Space 3 recently too, it’s made worse by the visual scenes of this game not even being on par with anything else in this generation over 4yrs old. Aliens Colonial Marines looks appalling graphically if not downright vile, but the gameplay itself I found rather enjoying and at times more satisfying to play than Dead Space 3 because it doesn’t have the same level of repetitiveness.  This is one of those games that make you question what is more important – a game with great visuals that doesn’t play as good as you’d hope, or a game with not-so-good-visuals than plays rather well? Aliens comes into the latter, but the most important thing is likely to be a balance between the two, because the best way I can describe Aliens Colonial Marines is to imagine good sex with the ugliest person imaginable!

You just wouldn’t do it would you?


Taking the visual quality out of the equation and pretending we’re back in 2006, Aliens Colonial Marines has a decent storyline that is told through the character of Corporal Christopher Winter, a Colonial Marine that is part of a search and rescue team sent to investigate the U.S.S. Sulaco. He goes off in search of Ellen Ripley, Corporal Dwayne Hicks, and a host of other missing marines who were dispatched to an orbiting satellite LV-426, which is the location of the first contact between humanity and the Xenomorph species. If you haven’t been a fan or follower of ‘Aliens’, the Xenomorph are actually the Aliens –  the deadly species who rely on a human host to impregnate and it’s offspring is born through ripping itself out of the human. You must have at least seen a clip of that moment sometime in your life?

It is at first a slow starter where your character will begin to follow orders and listen out for the next set of objective on-screen, but the majority of the game is exploration based where you face a wave of on-coming enemies both Alien and Human in almost every chapter. You set off equipped with a Motion Tracker to determine the location of enemies and important people on your man-hunt, as well as an arsenal of upgradable weaponry that include: Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, SMG’s, Shotguns and Pistols. Each of your weapons can be customised with upgradable add-ons such as Sights, Extended Magazines, Grenade Launchers, Lasers and different Fire modes when you’ve acquired enough XP as the more you progress the more challenging the game becomes with enemies that require more fire-power to be taken down. The deeper you delve into the game, the more intense firefights in the later levels you’ll get to experience, so how you upgrade your weapons is crucial to your survival.


Aliens Colonial Marines does have a lot of action scenes throughout and is better described as a fun, run-and-gun your way through it shooter, rather than a game where you can slowly pace your way through the chapters, taking your time as the suspense and thrills eat at your nerves. There is nothing thrilling about it, nor is there much suspense – in fact, as it goes for first-person-shooters too it’s pretty generic, but it does allow for four player co-operative action and that goes down very nicely! You can always count on the addition of co-op to make an average game more enjoyable because you share the misery with more players or forget about everything else uninspiring around you through talking to your team-mates.

Not only does the game have co-operative modes (4 player online – 2 player local), but additionally there is a Versus Mode from the main options screen that opens up into varied multiplayer games. Team Deathmatch is team based where one team is the Humans and the other team a set of Aliens, but it plays and feels more like a Zombies mode than anything else where the advantage is always to the humans who can shoot long range compared to the Xenomorph Aliens who can mostly only grab and pull. Extermination is a Search & Destroy equivalent where teams must wipe out Xenomorph egg clusters in a 5-on-5 game mode, and then both Escape and Survivor modes are all about surviving Xenomorph infestations in different ways, both 4-on-4 mode.

The multiplayer in Aliens Colonial Marines is quite addictive with additional options to set your load-outs for Human and Attacks for when an Alien, as well as further customisation for your appearance, not that it matters much, but further unlocks are granted with the completion of challenges.


If Aliens Colonial Marines had been a visually impressive masterpiece design-wise with a darker, scarier presentation in its telling of the story, it could have been one amazing game if it had been done better! It’s like the development team has not matched the quality of the plotline penned by the writer, or the game went Gold at Alpha stage. It’s quite a let-down when the build-up for the game with pre-release trailers and screenshots teased something that looked very promising. Although in-parts some of the chapters are really fun to play, but as a whole it’s not enough to warrant being a game above average because of what the Aliens franchise represents and what you should expect from a game that takes on the role of a horror movie – this just doesn’t feel right for “Aliens”.

In short this game is only really worth bothering with if you’re a fan of the Aliens franchise and have to have everything with the name on it, but don’t expect to play something that will keep you on the edge of your seat as it’s a pretty run-of-the-mill shooter that looks like an absolute waste of resources. It could have been a lot better designed, and cannot get much worse!  Online is really fun to play and a great alternative to other online shooters, but the novelty will be short-lived.

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The Cave Review


On a dark and dreary night, the camera pans down from the musky purple backdrop to reveal seven protagonists. Three of them are to be chosen by you to go on a series of wild and wacky adventures. Awaiting you after your choice is the cave. An unforgiving, soulless, abomination. Who tends to try and make me laugh every now and then. What will the depths of the cave reveal to you? Will it reveal adventure, bliss, a mediocre puzzle game, or an instant classic? Continue reading The Cave Review

Anarchy Reigns Limited Edition Review


Having spent the last six months in Japan under the title of ‘Max Anarchy’, the game as developed by Platinum Games (Vanquish, Bayonetta) and published by SEGA, finally sees European shores under the new name of ‘Anarchy Reigns Limited Edition’ – quite possibly the only edition you can buy and certainly not limited for the really cheap price you can pick this up at retail. Continue reading Anarchy Reigns Limited Edition Review

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Review

The tag line is “it’s not just racing, it’s racing transformed…” and just to kickstart all the positivity I feel for Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed – I’ve never played a racing game that has brought back so many memories of “Sonic R” on the Sega Saturn, “Diddy Kong Racing” on the N64 – and oddly “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!” because all three feel as if they’re connected on this latest kart racer from Sega bearing Sonic’s heroic name. Continue reading Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Review