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New ID@Xbox Plan – FREE Self Publishing For Indies

Announced at Gamescom, Microsoft is launching a new Independent Developers @ Xbox (ID@Xbox) program for developers to create and publish digital games on the upcoming Xbox One console. Applications for the ID@Xbox program start as of right now, but it’s limited: “For now, we’ll be open to people who have some established track record shipping […]

Self Publishing Confirmed – “Every Xbox One Can Be Used for Development”

It seems that GameInformers source was pretty damn accurate and today Microsoft has confirmed self publishing for indies will be possible on the Xbox One. This is what Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) and Marc Whitten had to say on the matter: Major Nelson: “I had a great chat with Marc Whitten about self publishing and […]

Xbox One – New Certification Process, Indie Self Publishing is Back?

Sources close to GameInformer have leaked that Microsoft will do another U-Turn and allow independent developers to publish via digital distribution without a publishing partner. Additionally, Microsoft is said to be drastically overhauling its certification process. By using a certification model similar to iTunes they will be targeting a 14-day turnaround for all approvals by […]