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Jon Hare’s new Soccer game “Sociable Soccer” coming to Xbox One

We all loved Sensible Soccer back in the day, well, if you are as old as me you would! The great news is that the absolute legend that is Jon Hare, and his Tower Studios, working in partnership with Finnish studio Combo Breaker, have announced that Sociable Soccer, Hare’s latest fast-paced, arcade take on the beautiful game, will launch in summer 2017 on Steam Early Access with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile platforms to follow. A trailer has also been released, which you can check out below!

“Sociable Soccer is a super quick, adrenaline soaked football action game, an unholy alliance of Guardiola’s tiki taka and Klopp’s gegenpressing, where ultra sharp passing and shooting can easily be thwarted by a well timed slide tackle.. something like Rocket League in boots”, said Jon Hare, Designer and Director of Sociable Soccer. “After nearly two years in development we are excited to be launching soon on Steam Early Access. The game has a whole world of soccer already in place and online and offline matches are playing like a dream. As we sprint towards full commercial launch in late 2017 we invite gamers and football lovers to become part of our game changing, new sports franchise as we add new features, game modes and updates every few weeks”.

‘Godfather of football games’ Jon Hare, designed two of the biggest football franchises of the 20th century in Microprose Soccer and the genre defining Sensible World of Soccer, one of the 10 most influential video games of all time according to Stanford University. Faithful to his sports game pedigree Sociable Soccer features over 1,000 club and national teams from around the world and over 30,000 players, with 67 international football trophies to compete for and lighter friendly game modes including trademark custom teams. Beneath its sleek visual presentation lies a game of significant complexity with pinpoint controls and tactical depth. Easy to play and hard to master with single player, classic local multiplayer, online multiplayer and manager modes all supported. Sociable Soccer is a perfect blend of the instant playability of yesteryear with the power of modern technology.


Jon Hare’s Sociable Soccer hits Kickstarter


One of my favourite ever football games was Sensible Software’s Sensible Soccer. It was fast, it was accurate, it was simply brilliant. I’ve longed for a new version on Xbox One for a little while. Jon Hare, one of Sensible Software’s founders has finally announced one.

Sociable Soccer is looking for backers though, and it’s turned to the community for help on Kickstarter.

The title is touted as the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer and if it plays like the original then the FIFA series is going to have a new rival for it’s table-topping crown.

Sociable Soccer will feature 500 national, club and custom teams with 10,000 player names. The game won’t be officially licensed though, so the kits and names will be as close as they can be without the specter of legal action looming.

Jon Hare himself is looking to compete with the big-hitters, as he suggested to Eurogamer;

Competing with FIFA and PES requires much more than just a remake. It needs a different take on football games altogether, blending the instant playability of yesteryear with the power of modern technology.

Codemasters still own the license rights to Sensible Soccer, however, and it doesn’t look like Jon and his Finnish team at Tower Studios will be getting that back;

Codemasters is entitled to do what they like with Sensible Soccer. It’s their license now. I understand why people associate me with it, because I designed it. But I can’t control the license any more and I’ve not been able to for 16 years.

At the time of writing there are only 24 days left to back this, or maybe a publisher can come in and snap this up. Maybe, just maybe it’s too much to hope for Codemasters to pop their head up and say ‘Hey, we’d love to work with this and we’ll call it Sensible Soccer’.

Pie-in-the-sky thinking? I can dream.

Personally, I hope Sociable Soccer makes it to Xbox One soon.

Here’s the frankly bonkers Kickstarter announcement.