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The Serious Sam Collection Review

It’s been about 12 years since Serious Sam first hit the scene. Serious Sam is a game that dazzled thousands with its frantic, relentless, manic, monster-explodey, non-stop action. Several years in the spotlight have gifted Sam with two HD remakes, a sequel, and a new sidescrolling shooter. Well now there’s one shiny box that contains […]

Serious Sam Double D XXL Out Now

Independent developer Mommy’s Best Games and co-publishers Devolver Digital and Mastertronic have unleashed the earth-shaking action of Serious Sam Double D XXL exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Completely overhauled with couch co-op and stuffed with all-new missions, weapons and enemies, Serious Sam Double D XXL is a tour de force of heavy weaponry and loud-mouthed […]

Serious Sam Double D XXL Review

Serious Sam has a long and illustrious history since the series started as first person shooter by the Croatian outfit known as Croteam in 2001. The game’s popularity on the PC meant that it was ported to many later consoles such as the Xbox, Gamecube, Playstation 2 and eventually, an HD upgrade to the Xbox […]

Serious Sam Double D XXL Gun Diaries

Serious Sam Double D XXL, is heading for an Xbox LIVE Arcade release on February 20th – and to help build the excitement some awesome developer diaries are available to watch below.