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Dying Light DLC Competition extended

With all the negative press surrounding Bungie/Activisions Destiny & Red Bull exclusivity deal, many took to utilising¬†their suffering at the hands of the community at large to promote their own game.   Most attempts fell flat, Planetside 2 in particular; given their own troubles, yet one developer has managed to find the balance that keeps […]

Shenmue 3 Could Be Funded By KickStarter Type Model

A twitter verified and very well known French Journalist has taken to twitter to confirm that SEGA’s Yu Suzuki (and my all-time hero) is looking at the possibilities of funding Shenmue 3. He created well known games such as Virtua Racing, Hang-On, Virtua Fighter and more spectacularly – the Shenmue series of games for the […]

Shenmue HD and Shenmue II HD Heading for XBLA ?

Shemue, one of the most ground breaking games in the history of the SEGA Dreamcast is heading for the Xbox LIVE Arcade complete with a new HD skin – and has apparently been finalised for over a year, according to an industry source speaking to GamerZines.