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Futurlab and Sierra announce Velocity 2X


Sierra Entertainment, a publishing arm of Activision is back it would appear, with a bang. Not content with releasing Shiftlings and Geometry Wars 3, they have announced the smash hit from that other console, Velocity 2X.

This was pretty much unanimously praised from all sides when it was released on that other console back in September, so I’m super-excited to have this heading to the Xbox One this summer.

In my mind, and I know I seem to be able to find an older game that reminds me of these new titles, but this reminds me of Midnight Resistance in no uncertain terms. Shame it only looks one player.

Despite the title being self-published on that other platform, Futurlab teamed up with Sierra to be able to concentrate solely on the port rather than “more time on PR and marketing on Velocity 2X than spent designing levels”.

Become Lt. Kai Tana, abducted by an evil alien race, as she tries to escape and free her fellow prisoners while running, shooting, platforming and teledashing through enemy-ridden territory.

Have a look at the announcement trailer below and hand your money over at the counter on the way out.