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The Sky’s the limit for Xbox One


The wait is finally over and the Sky TV App that everyone loved on the Xbox 360 has today launched for the Xbox One.  This will make a lot of people happy as someting that worked so well on the Xbox 360 was missing from the launch of the Xbox One, raising a lot of questions around how people could integrate their sky platforms with their new consoles.

The Sky App gives you the ability to watch live Sky TV Channels, Movies, Sport and on demand content, including box sets.

If you want to take full advantage of this app then you will need a Sky Go Extra subscription (£5.99 a month), or if you are a Sky Multiscreen customer you can get the service for free. If however you are still unsure, then check out the two month free trial on offer for Xbox owners that have existing Sky TV subscriptions – sign up here sky.com/xbox


SKY To Launch NOW TV Instant Movies on Xbox 360 UK

NOW TV, is set to launch tomorrow on the PC and is a brand new internet TV service from Sky. All set to give millions more people an easy and commitment-free way to enjoy amazing movies, instantly and on demand. Building on the increasing popularity of watching TV over the internet, NOW TV will offer access to Sky Movies – the UK’s most popular subscription movies service – in a new way. It is easy, flexible and great value – with no contract, set-up costs or installation. Continue reading SKY To Launch NOW TV Instant Movies on Xbox 360 UK