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Skype Group Video Calling To Remain Free on Xbox One

During E3 2013 last year it was announced that Skype Group Video Calling would be free for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers on Xbox One. You can imagine that there was some confusion when later down the line around the launch of Xbox One in November 2013 that this was reduced to a six-month promotion only; […]

Skype on Xbox One Updated

Skype on Xbox One has now had an update to improve some of the features available. A full run down of the update was listed on the Skype Blog and includes: Improved Chat: We know that many of our users jump between using Skype on their PC to their phone and now to their living […]

Five Exciting New Features for Skype on Xbox One

Skype on Xbox One is rather a large part of the functionality of its social features. Since every Xbox One will come with a Kinect capable of seeing and hearing you, there really is no reason you should be put off getting more Skype-wise for the next generation of Xbox. Microsoft has run down the […]

Cross-Platform Chat for Xbox One and Xbox 360 May Not Be Possible

Did it ever cross your mind that maybe chatting to friends on an Xbox 360 whilst you are using an Xbox One might never be possible? Keep in mind that the original Xbox and Xbox 360 also didn’t share the features of Xbox LIVE before a “rant-off” is on your mind. Major Nelson addressed the […]

Skype Sex on Xbox One – What Will The LIVE Enforcement Team See?

A question from a male (mid-twenties, so tempted to out his gamertag) friend on Xbox LIVE asked me about the limitations of Skyping with his female friends in the buff on the Xbox One console. The main concern was that whilst he is excited about 1080p voice controlled cyber-sex-mutual-masturbation-whatever-you-call-it on an HD screen with his […]

Skype To Replace Xbox LIVE Voice Chat Rumour Raises Its Head AGAIN

It may feel like an eternity ago, but around May last year, thisisxbox reported on a Microsoft Skype job posting that hinted quite openly about Skype being integrated into Xbox LIVE for both voice and video chat features.

New Microsoft Patent Backs Up Leaked Next-Gen Xbox Document

Last month, a hefty internal Microsoft Document had leaked online that outlined the organisation plans for the next-gen Xbox console. The two year old document that referred to the console as an Xbox 720 at the time detailed Blu-Ray, full 3D support, an “always-on” console state, support for DVR functionality to record tv shows, Kinect […]

Skype to Power Next-Gen Xbox In-Game Voice Chat

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced details of the next generation Xbox console, nor any confirmations of its name which could be anything from Xbox 8, Xbox Infinity, Xbox 720 or totally something completely random, but this site would be a bit screwed if they didn’t at least call it an Xbox. What they have done, is […]

Skype Beta For Windows Phone 7 – Out Now

Skype for Windows Phone is a reality – at least in Beta form at the moment as functionality testing is underway. A new video as shown below demonstrates how the new Skype for Windows Beta app works and it has never before been so easy to connect with the people you care about most.