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Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition for Xbox One Confirmed


Sleeping Dogs, one of Square Enix’s rather popular titles for Xbox 360 from 2012 is making its way to Xbox One just like Tomb Raider – a definitive edition which has been rebuilt for newer consoles will be out from october 14th 2014.

Amazon listed the game earlier confirming a previous rumour to be obviously true! The definitive edition of the critically acclaimed open world action-adventure will include all the previously released DLCs valued at $85. If you want a Pre-order bonus, you will receive the limited edition artbook packaging. Get an insider’s look at 28 pages of concept art that inspired the game’s visual direction and art style.

Sleeping Dogs on Xbox 360 scored 85% in our review:

…when the action delivered is on a par with that of GTA and Saints Row should we really complain? I say no! Consider this akin to discovering a new view upon a well worn route, you know where you’re going and you recognise the landmarks but here’s a new angle to look at them from. The adventures of Wei Shen are a dynamite packed rollercoaster ride through the dark side of Hong Kong. Shen himself is one of the darkest things out there. But at the same time, if you embrace the madness, you will find his life a high octane, high kicking, high point of the gaming calendar. And when that’s the case who needs originality?…

If this great news for you, let us know below your thoughts on buying the same game twice if you previously enjoyed it on Xbox 360?

Sleeping Dogs Review

Sleeping Dogs is a sprawling open world, sandbox ‘cop ‘em up’ that takes place amid the neon lit underbelly of downtown Hong Kong and places gamers into kung-fu shoes of sociopathic police officer, Wei Shen.

Sleeping Dogs is also a game that plays exactly as I anticipated it would weeks before I even had the shining disc in my clutches. Unfortunately the only fresh thing brought to this table, is the cranium of the latest bad guy, remorselessly pummelled into the rapidly splintering piece of dining furniture by our very own Mr. Shen.

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