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World to the West release date announced


Publisher, SOEDESCO have announced that the digital and boxed edition of 3D action adventure World to the West will be available worldwide on Xbox One. This is Rain Games’ second offering after the successful release of puzzler, Teslagrad. This new title, World to the West, is a pulpy, cartoony, top down action adventure inspired by […]

REUS release date announced for Xbox One


How about a complete change of pace from the flying bullets and smoking tyres of the games that have come out recently? Abbey Games, along with publishing partner Soedesco have revealed today that their PC hit, REUS will be hitting consoles later next month. So, what’s REUS all about? When I was first starting to […]

SOEDESCO to take us on Adam’s Venture

I love it when surprise announcements are made. I equally love it when they are of games that appear to be in the spirit of the old LucasArts games from my childhood. SOEDESCO have announced a release date for Dutch developer, Vertigo Games’ Adam’s Venture: Origins. I didn’t even know it was coming. Based on […]

Ziggurat hits retail shelves Feb 19th

It’s been almost 10 months to the day since dungeon-crawling first-person bolt-thrower, Ziggurat was released digitally on Xbox One. The title saw you enter the ever-changing Ziggurat as a nephyte sorcerer, prepared for your rite of passage. If you survive the procedurally-generated maze, packed with dangerous foes and odd-looking vegetables, then you’ll emerge as a […]