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Eat my space dust with new ID@Xbox racer


Who wants a quasi-Mario-Kart-a-like on Xbox One? We do of course.

Space Dust Racers looks to have answered our prayers. Born from the minds of Space Dust Studios, who describe themselves as veteran developers gone rogue. Veteran they are too, with experience drawn from some impressive titles such as Dead Space, Tomb Raider, Burnout and Silent Hill.

Space Dust Racers is a multiplayer combat racing game inspired by the likes of Micro Machines, Mashed, Crash Team Racing and, yes, Mario Kart. Refining a “brutal cute” art style, the developers have created a combat racer for up to 16 players. Compete online, adventure alone or battle family and friends locally, it’s all catered for here.

The game will also include exotic off-world locations and crazy weapon power-ups, simple controls and cartoonish 3D characters. It looks like it might  finally fill the void that Mario Kart used to occupy and is pencilled in for a winter 2015 release.