The world of Spareware is a bleak and desolate one. A catastrophe has befallen the planet, making life extremely difficult in the devastated remains of Europe. Domes have been erected around major cit...[Read More]

Spareware release date confirmed

Our friends over at Rusto Games were hinting yesterday at some important news coming up and they weren’t wrong. Today on twitter the team announced Spareware will be officially released for Xbox...[Read More]

Spareware is made by someone? What even is Spareware?!

Our friends at Rusto Games have released another video about their up and coming game Spareware. This time the video takes us on an investigative journey in to the natural habitat of the team and thei...[Read More]

Spareware release new gameplay video

It was only yesterday we were announcing that Spareware, a game being developed by Finnish development team Rusto Games, was coming to Xbox One. Well more information is already to hand in the form of...[Read More]

Xbox One is getting some Spareware

Finnish developers, Rusto Games have snuck in under the radar with the announcement of their top-down shooter, Spareware, for Xbox One. This procedurally generated mulitplayer bullet-fest is set aroun...[Read More]