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GreedFall revealed in new trailer


Spiders Games, creator of RPG titles The Technomancer, Mars: War Logs and Bound By Flame, are once more, teaming up with Focus Home Interactive to bring a new Colonial RPG to Xbox One. GreedFall will be set in the 17th Century and was teased in Focus Home Interactive’s recent “le What’s Next de Focus” event.

GreedFall is looking like it will lean heavily towards magical content, inspired by the Baroque art form from 17th Century Europe, depicting grandiose scenery in muted, warm colours, but with dark undertones.

Set foot in a fresh new world, alongside many other settlers, mercenaries and treasure hunters. This remote island seeps with magic and is rumoured to be dripping with riches and contain a multitude of lost secrets. A grand journey filled with mystery follows, as you find yourself in the middle of ever-increasing tensions between the invading settlers and the locals, protected by supernatural beings. These beings are a manifestation of the island’s earthly magic and as the trailer below shows, can be very protective.

GreedFall will draw on Spiders Games’ experience in building complicated RPG worlds. Discover mysteries and weave deep character interactions offering players greater freedom to achieve quests and objectives in a multitude of different ways. Choose the combat option, or try your hand at diplomacy, deception or even stealth. The island of GreedFall is a living, ever-evolving world. Your actions, from seemingly trivial choices to the most important political decisions, will influence and affect its course as well as the relationship between the different factions established on the island.

You’re going to have to content yourself with trailers for a while yet, with GreedFall, at the minute though. The game isn’t scheduled for an Xobx console release until 2018 and we expect Focus Home Interactive and Spiders will be busy fine-tuning the storylines and creating trailers for your enjoyment, right up until the launch date.

The Technomancer unleashes new gameplay trailer

The Technomancer, the sci-fi roleplaying game being developed by Spider Games, has just released a new gameplay trailer. This trailer grants you further insight into the game set on Mars.

The gameplay trailer shows the true RPG nature of the game starting with the character creation screen. From here you can customise your appearance and make your first decisions about your characters development. Like any RPG, playing through the 40 odd hours of quests will earn experience points. These points can be traded to develop your character further in one of the 4 skill trees tied to 3 different combat stances. Recruit companions, craft new gear and armour and learn more talents as you progress through the story as the apprentice Technomancer, Zachariah.

You are a Technomancer, one of the most formidable warriors, harnessing destructive electrical powers through your implants. Your adventure will take you on a journey, you’ll create a unique hero (or anti-hero) and every decision you make bears consequences.

The Technomancer will be available June 21 for Xbox One.

Prepare yourself for The Technomancer


Spiders Games and Focus Home Interactive have today announced a new post-apocalyptic RPG, set in a cyberpunk world for Xbox One.

The Technomancer will be set on Mars during the War of Water, building on Spiders’ efforts with Mars: War Logs, and pits an aspiring Technomancer against the demons of his past, as he tries to forge himself a future.  The game will offer players action-oriented combat gameplay along four different skill trees, with three fighting styles and the destructive electric-focused Technomancer powers. The Technomancer will also feature some dynamic dialogue-based situations too, so you don’t need to rely on your brute strength to get through all of the game.

Facing the harsh realities of Mars, on the run from the Secret Police, you are taken on a journey through the tribal communities, lost cities under ice and dystopian shanty towns spread far and wide across the Red Planet’s surface.


The Technomancer will allow you to form bonds with companions and find out details about their past, to manage their inventory and level your companions up. It promises to offer you up to five different endings, depending on your in-game choices, and a dynamic crafting system that evolves the abilities and look of your weapons and armour.

The Technomancer is staring at a 2016 release and we’ll endeavour to bring you more news on this exciting new RPG as it comes in.

Win A Copy Of Mars: War Logs (Closed)


Earlier in the week we published our review of the latest RPG out of Spiders Games & Focus Home Interactive; Mars: War Logs. If you haven’t done so already then I suggest you click this link and read it.

To celebrate the release, the review and just because we can, ThisisXbox.com have team up with Focus Home Interactive to give-away 5 copies of the game. All you have to do is ensure you are following both @thisisxbox & @KrisWB then re-tweet the message below.


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