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Xbox LIVE Arcade Beautiful Puzzle Pack Out Now


If you’re looking for a bargain on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, then look no further than the Xbox LIVE Arcade Beautiful Puzzle Pack, which is available to download now for 1200 MS Points (£9.99 UK)

This bundle includes four full Xbox LIVE Arcade titles: “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet,” “The Splatters,” “ilomilo,” and “Lazy Raiders.” It’s worh noting that this bundle pack offers the games together at a discounted rate over individual purchases. If you already own one of these games there is no additional discount on this bundle, nor do you receive an additional copy of the game you already own.

We reviewed The Splatters and rated the game 8/10:

The graphics are bright, cartoony and charming, the music is (a little too) cheerful and the gameplay is (almost) perfect. The challenge is big enough to tax the best of us but thankfully manages to steer clear of the overwhelming frustration that many other similar titles seem to adopt with ease, this is in part because when playing The Splatters luck alone can sometimes see you through what, at first, seemed impossible.

We also reviewed ilomilo and rated the game 8/10:

If you are looking for something a little bit different, or just a pleasant change of pace then you should look no further than ilomilo. It should be lauded for its excellent level and puzzle design and it is games like this which keeps gaming fresh and innovative

Those are two games at the very least worth it in the bundle. If you pick this up, let us know below.

The Splatters Half Price for Deal of the Week

SpikySnail Games has announced that The Splatters will be dropping down to half price this week as part of the Xbox LIVE “Deal of the Week” promotion from Microsoft during October 9th – 15th 2012. As one of our favourite puzzle games this year, we can’t urge you enough to buy it – or try it! Continue reading The Splatters Half Price for Deal of the Week

The Splatters Review

Despite courting Death’s chill embrace every waking minute of their existence, The Splatters are actually a joyously buoyant bunch of colourful critters.

In fact it’d probably be fair to say that the blob-like creatures ever-present chirpiness, beaming smiles, squeaky vocals, on-screen acrobatics, cheesy tunes and love of colours vibrant adds up to the complete ingredients list of what sounds like one seriously annoying game. Continue reading The Splatters Review

XBLA Exclusive: The Splatters Coming Soon – New Trailer

SpikySnail Games has today announced that The Splatters will be coming exclusively to the Xbox LIVE Arcade this spring. The Splatters, was an IGF finalist and Indie Game Challenge nominee (then, under the name Confetti Carnival) and PAX10 winner with publishing rights picked up by Microsoft Studio’s. Continue reading XBLA Exclusive: The Splatters Coming Soon – New Trailer