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Oh My Godheads Review

Capture The Flag? No. In “Oh My Godheads” the aim of the game is to Capture The Head. Read on if this piques your interest! Developed by Spanish company Titutitech and published by the Squ...[Read More]

EGX 2017 reveals show floor map and announce Destiny 2 developer session

It’s less than a week away so what better time for EGX to reveal the final line-up and show floor map. As discussed previously Sony have their largest stand ever, Xbox are also returning with th...[Read More]

Pick your favourite Deadbeat Heroes soon on Xbox

UK-based developer, Deadbeat Productions, have teamed up with Square Enix Collective to announce that Deadbeat Heroes will be heading to Xbox One. Deadbeat Heroes is a fast-paced, brawling crime-caper...[Read More]

ThroughLine Games announce Forgotton Anne on Xbox One

Danish developer, ThroughLine Games, have revealed a new 2D cinematic adventure will be heading to Xbox One this year. Forgotton Anne, (yes, it really is spelled that way), will introduce the Forgotte...[Read More]

The Turing Test review

If you know anything about British History then you’ll have heard of Alan Turing. Back in 1950, he developed a test to determine a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour that would be the ...[Read More]