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Life is Strange Finale hits the store


The season finale of Life is Strange is on its way and is due out today for Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

For the fifth and final episode Max will have to make the most pain staking decision of her life while learning that time cannot be controlled by anyone. With every moment a huge storm is drawing nearer to Arcadia Bay, what kind of exciting conclusion will Life is Strange come to?

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Prepare to weather the Life is Strange storm


Have you seen the weather report? There’s a storm coming. Life is Strange developer, DONTNOD, are leading up to the release of the finale of their excellent and puzzling episodic thriller.

DONTNOD have been teasing the release date for the past few days & they’ve confirmed, finally, that the last episode in this season will come to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the 20th of October.

Here, in case you missed it, are the first three teaser trailers for Life is Strange Episode 5: Polarized.


Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition revealed


As Trent Reznor once sang, I pick things up, I am a collector. If you like the Just Cause franchise, you may very well become a collector too, especially if super-awesome replica grappling hooks are your thing.

Square Enix have announced the Collector’s Edition of Just Cause 3 and with it, the details of the precious cargo within. This limited edition version of the game will include a feature item that was voted for by the Just Cause community, that was picked from a host of other limited edition game-related items.

The contents of this edition are as follows:

  • Replica 15-inch display version of Rico’s trademark grappling hook.
  • A 32-page hardcover art book bringing the Just Cause world to life.
  • A 24″ by 24″ poster map of the Mediterranean archipelago of Medici
  • Day 1 edition of Just Cause 3.
  • Weaponised Vehicle Pack, allowing you to launch your assault in style.


The Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition is set for release on Xbox One on the 1st of December this year, priced at £79.99 or your local currency equivalent.