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Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition revealed

As Trent Reznor once sang, I pick things up, I am a collector. If you like the Just Cause franchise, you may very well become a collector too, especially if super-awesome replica grappling hooks are your thing. Square Enix have announced the Collector’s Edition of Just Cause 3 and with it, the details of the […]

Life is Strange: Episode 2 review

It seems like an age ago that I reviewed the first episode of Life is Strange. Dontnod’s foray into serialised gaming was by general consensus, a good start to the developing story of Max Caulfield and her mysterious time-reversing powers. If you don’t know, or need a quick recap, I’d suggest nipping over here to […]

Life Is Strange is not Out of Time

It seems like ages ago that I reviewed the promising start to Life is Strange. Episode 1, Chrysalis was just the beginning of Max Caulfield’s story and while it was a solid stepping stone, a great beginning, it did lack in a few departments. Now, Dontnod and Square Enix are almost ready to release Episode […]

Final Fantasy Type-0: World at War

A new video from Square Enix. This time round showcasing a turbulent war of nations threatening to tear the land apart. Fuelled with propaganda, this show of power from the Militesi ruling incumbent, Marshal Cid, attempts to justify the Empire’s actions and discredit Class Zero, Rubrum and the other states. What do you think? Will […]