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Saints Row 4 DLC – Enter the Dominatrix Due Around September?

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Saints Row 4′s San Diego Comic-Con panel revealed the first DLC details for Volition and Deep Silvers upcoming game. A previous DLC expansion pack that was originally planned for Saints Row 3 titled “Enter the Dominatrix” will now be released up to 45 days from the date of the Saints Row 4 launch at retail this August.

Volition studio head Steve Jaros confirmed that the new DLC will take the focus of a mockumentary starring the games cast. It will feature behind-the-scenes footage from the characters as they discuss why the expansion concept was cut from Saints Row 3 and merged into the world of Saints Row 4.

It was explained that the reason for the change of plan around the DLC was that the concept of players fighting aliens in a virtual world was expanded for Saints Row 4 and therefor the DLC fits in the latest game due to hit retail from August 20th in North America, and August 23rd across Europe.

Via PC Gamer