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Curve Digital confirm Stealth Inc. 2


Curve Digital, the studio behind the soon to be incoming Steampunk platformer, The Swindle, have today confirmed that the sequel to Stealth Inc. will be releasing on Xbox One in April this year.

Called Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones, the platformer will feature a ‘Metroidvania’ style overworld with fully explorable levels, all surrounding a sinister cloning facility with varied and detailed environments.

Specialised equipment can be used to unlock new areas and find new ways to solve old puzzles, all in HD, with Curve saying it will run at 60fps. Stealth Inc 2 will also feature a full co-op mode where one player controls the clone and the other uses a variety of tools and skills to keep the player hidden and protected.

The idea is to rescue your fellow clones and make your escape, with the rewards being dished out for exploration and experimentation, all while trying not to be seen. If you can be seen, you’re probably already dead.

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones is coming out, all being well, in April. Here’s a little taste from the launch trailer from last October on another platform, hopefully Curve will update it to reflect it coming out on a superior platform, who knows.