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Capcom Annoyed That Modders Are Unlocking Content Already On SFxTK Disc

A minority of Xbox 360 gamers who have modded their consoles are fighting back against Capcom’s latest decision to charge players for content already shipped on a disc at launch. Unreleased Street Fighter X Tekken content is sitting on the disc awaiting 1600 Microsoft points to unlock it, but more and more players are going […]

Capcom Lay Down The Next Street Fighter X Tekken Challenge

C’mon, we’ve all been there, busting out our best versions of a hurricane kick across the front room, attempting to perfect pencil spins whilst mid air! Well now Street Fighter and Tekken fans across the UK have got the opportunity to show the world how good their finely honed impressions of Ryu and Cammy really […]

CALM Named Official Street Fighter X Tekken UK Charity Partner

Capcom, being the good ol’ folks that hey are have partnered with the UK charity: Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) for the release of Street Fighter X Tekken in the UK.